Gerard Hammered would have to use an allusive shirt of the FC Barcelona to Shakira

Gerard Piqué will have to wear a Shakira shirt alluding to his success on Spotify as one of the most listened to singers in the world.

A new chapter is added to the novel starring Shakira and Gerard Piqué in the couple’s separation process, with a theme that has been playing for some time that refers to the possibility that the Barranquilla’s name appears on the shirts of the team culé. This during some of the matches played by FC Barcelona in the championship.

According to information revealed by the journalist Moises Llores, ESPN correspondent in Barcelona, ​​in the corridors of the Catalan team it is rumored that the central defender will have Shakira’s name on his chest.

What would be the reason? It’s all about a campaign that Spotify has launched in which it locates the names of the artists with the greatest recognition worldwide, in order to generate higher income that benefits both parties.

The clearest and most recent example was that of the rapper Drake, who posed in a photograph that he shared on his Instagram account with the Barcelona shirt, which had an owl on the front and his name on the back. This is because it reached 50 billion views on Spotify, the main sponsor of the culé cast and even bears the name of the stadium.

Now, it would be the turn of the Colombian, who on September 27 received recognition from Spotify for achieving a billion views on the streaming platform. streaming; Additionally, she became the first Latin American to achieve 200 million views in four decades with different singles.

It should be remembered that Gerard Piqué will have to agree to this request during some games because he has lost weight in the Catalan club’s squad thanks to the constant controversies he has starred in due to his separation from the Colombian, the scandals with Clara Chía and the bad level of the team. Added to this, it will be rumored that he would lose his place at FC Barcelona from 2023.

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But this is not the only record that the Barranquilla has broken in recent days, because I congratulate you, your collaboration with Rauw Alejandro, already exceeds 700 million views, adding between Spotify and the video clip Youtube.

It should be remembered that, Hips don’t lie already exceeded this number of reproductions on the platform streaming on YouTube, however, this new award is part of the music platform Spotify, where she has just achieved this achievement in her musical career, with a success that came to light in 2006 and took her to various stages such as the MTV Video Music Awards.

A few days ago it became known that the central defender of Barcelona would be planning to have a third child and the chosen one would have been Clara Chía Marti, with whom he has a relationship. Additionally, the couple would have already bought their love nest near the house where Shakira lives today, so the Barranquilla would not be very happy.


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Gerard Hammered would have to use an allusive shirt of the FC Barcelona to Shakira