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Music lovers celebrated International Rock Day on Wednesday, a date that was proclaimed to commemorate July 13, 1985, when bands from the United States (USA) and Europe performed the Live Aid mega-concert.

The mega-concert was held to raise funds for the benefit of the African nations of Somalia and Ethiopia, which were suffering from a severe period of famine. Its organization was in two simultaneous places, in London (England) and in Philadelphia (USA).

Whenever July 13 arrives, rockers around the world celebrate the day of their genre with artistic expressions where they listen to songs and remember the legacy of great performers of the genre.

As in the US and Europe, the Latin American region has produced great rock bands and performers, below we are going to outline the five most iconic songs of the genre.

1. Soda Stereo: Of Light Music

Rock experts catalog the song not only as the most important of Soda Stereo, but of the genre in the world. It is remembered when the band Coldplay performed a cover of the song at the Ciudad de la Plata stadium, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The song was composed by the great Gustavo Cerati and was part of the album Canción Animal by Soda Stereo in 1990. De Música Ligera was released as a single from the album.

Fans remember the last Soda Stereo concert in Argentina, where the great Cerati closed the show singing De Música Ligera, after which he launched the most emblematic phrase: Total thanks!

2. Molotov: Gimme The Power

The Mexican band Molotov released the song Gimme The Power more than 20 years ago, the song urges the population not to surrender to the outrages that are carried out from power.

The theme was so successful in the region that the filmmaker, Olallo Rubio, used the name to create a document that illustrates the history of Mexico, in that same context the audiovisual also addresses the history of a national rock band in the midst of sociopolitical changes. in Mexico.

For the song, Molotov won two awards in 2012 from the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998 in the categories of Latin America-North and Latin America-South.

3. Velvety: El Dorado

The Colombian alternative rock band was recorded between the months of October and December 1994 in Bogotá, whose producer was Federico López. Experts consider that the album, which also has the name of El Dorado, is the most important of Aterciopelados and has managed to sell more than 400,000 copies.

The song takes a historical tour of the horrors suffered by the original communities in the desperate search for treasures by the Spaniards who landed in the region.

El Dorado coincided with a crucial event for rock lovers in Latin America, and it was the first edition of Rock Al Parque, a cultural expression that is celebrated annually in Bogotá, Colombia.

4. Manu Chao: Underground

The song Clandestino edited in 1998 describes the social problems suffered by millions of migrants in the world; Manu Chao harshly criticizes the policies of European countries against migrants, especially those of Latin and African origin.

One of the most sensitive fragments of the song is «running is my destiny, to circumvent the Law», signifying a strong criticism of the positions of some heads of state who treat the migrant as an object that must be isolated.

5. The Fabulous Cadillacs: Matador

Matador’s video clip was recorded in 1994 and received the MTV Video Music Awards award and in 2006 it was chosen as the second most viewed song in MTV videos, at the time it was surpassed by King of Pop’s Thriller, michael jackson

Matador became the most representative and most popular album of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The song alludes to a revolutionary who was persecuted by the Police until his death, in the lyrics the always remembered Chilean singer-songwriter Víctor Jara is named, who was assassinated by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

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Get to know the iconic songs of Latin American rock – Diario Co Latino