He spent more than 30,000 pesos to see Bad Bunny and couldn’t make it

  • Bad Bunny is the most listened to artist in the world on Spotify.

  • The most listened to song of the bad rabbit is “A summer without you”, with more than 2 billion streams.

  • The Last World Tour 2022 has managed to raise more than 120 million dollars.

An influencer spent more than 30,000 pesos to attend the Bad Bunny show, but everything got complicated and she couldn’t get there.

As part of World’s Hottest Tourthe bad rabbit will include two concerts at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Bad Bunny’s concert has been one of the most anticipated, it recently performed in royal lands and will soon arrive at CDMX on December 9 and 10, there is a large crowd of desperate fans, looking for the opportunity to attend , so the high demand has caused the resale price to be extremely high.

It has been detected that tickets of up to 30,000 pesos have been offered, although the prices could increase significantly due to the desperation of the people.

Bad Bunny in numbers

Bad Bunny has managed to maintain for the third consecutive year as the most listened to artist in the world in Spotify, his most listened to song is “A summer without you” With more than 2 billion streams, the most listened to songs on the album also include “Titi me pregunta” and “Me porto bonito”, which have been of great help for her to position herself in the best way.

In 2022 it has obtained more than 18 million reproductions, which has represented significant growth, practically double in one year since in 2021 it reached more than 9 million listeners.

His tours are an important factor in achieving huge profits, proof of this is «The Last World Tour 2022″where the singer has managed to raise more than 120 million dollars, being the tour with more sales worldwide.

He recently became the first non-English-speaking performer to be able to win the award for “Artist of the Year” in the MTV Video Music Awards.

He is also one of the artists with the most followers, only on Instagram he has a community of 44 million as well as on YouTube.

He spent more than 30,000 pesos to see Bad Bunny and, in the end, he couldn’t make it

An influencer narrated in her account TikTok how he lost around 30 thousand pesos to attend the expected concert of Bad Bunny in Monterrey which he finally failed to reach.

Initially, the girl narrates that she was not able to buy the tickets to see the artist since, as expected, they sold out quickly, however, she managed to get them for resale at an affordable price since they were VIP and had a cost of 10 thousand, for what she bought two, since she wanted one for herself and the other to give it to one of her followers, for which a total of $20 thousand was added.

The original costs of the concert are as follows:

  • Stands: from 660 to 3 thousand 300 pesos.
  • Court (general): 3 thousand 600 pesos.
  • Pit Zone: 8 thousand 450 pesos.

Everything got complicated because her first flight was delayed due to bad weather, so she decided to buy another one since she realized that some flights were on time, but when she wanted to board, it turned out that the flight was cancelled, for which was delayed until he finally accepted that he was not going to make it to the bad rabbit concert and decided to sell those tickets for $4,000, for which he had a loss of $6,000, although it did not affect him since he managed to get someone else to have fun instead.

He spent 20,000 pesos on the tickets, plus $5,000 for the flight that was delayed, plus another $4,000 for the other flight he bought, plus $1,000 pesos that he spent to take a bus to return to his place of origin, in addition to other expenses that arose , such as meals and details that were emerging.

@isabelsalasvI SPENT $30 THOUSAND PESOS ON GOING TO SEE BAD BUNNY AND I ENDED UP NOT ARRIVING PART 1 of 2♬ original sound – Isabel Salas

The video almost reached half a million views, had empathetic comments and others criticizing her for doing everything in a hurry, although they also give her hope that she can attend the show that will take place soon in CDMX.

The success of Bad Bunny has had a great impact, since Governor Samuel Garcia also attended along with his wife Mariana Rodriguez, who generated conversation on social networks for sharing a large part of the Puerto Rican show, for which she was criticized for not really enjoying the concert and just pretend something that wasn’t true.

It is ideal to be aware when buying a resale ticket as scams and inflated prices will be very present, as what can be expected as an incredible day can turn into a frustrating nightmare.

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He spent more than 30,000 pesos to see Bad Bunny and couldn’t make it