Her unexpected connection to Queen Letizia and five other things you didn’t know about Chanel (Eurovision 2022)

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Last February a star was born. The Benidorm Fest, the song festival organized by RTVE to choose the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022, crowned Chanel Terrero (31 years old) as its big winner and, since then, its popularity has reached unimaginable heights.

This Saturday, May 14, the artist will break the tables of the PalaOlímpico in Turin to the rhythm of her theme SloMo, with which he will defend the Spanish candidacy in the grand finale of the most important music festival in Europe. But what are the curiosities of Chanel’s life? What is her real name? What connection does he have with Queen Letizia (49)?

1. Your real name

Chanel Terrero Martinez It is his real name and no other. Naturally, if all six letters of his given name are pronounced, chanellthe figure of the emblematic French designer comes to mind for everyone, Mademoiselle Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

And that is precisely where the origin of its name is. Her mother decided to call her after the great lady of fashion because she was a fervent fan of the firm and its designs. Chanel Terrero has not hesitated to show her public affection on occasion towards her mother, whom she affectionately always calls “mamita”.

2. Its origins

Chanel Terrero She was born in Havana, the capital of Cuba, in 1991. It was at the age of three that she and her family headed for Spain. Specifically, to Barcelona, ​​where her mother traveled for love with her daughter as a little girl. In Barcelona, ​​Chanel developed the gift she was born with for dance, rhythmic gymnastics and singing. In addition, she also received tap and acting classes.

3. Actress

After training in dance studios hand in hand with dance figures such as Victor Ullate (75), Coco Comin (70) or Gloria Gela (65), at the age of 16, the artist began to take her first steps in the world of musical theater. Among the works in which Chanel has appeared are The Lion King, Mamma mia!, flashdance, The bodyguard either Malinchewhere he performed the leading role.

At the cinema, Chanel has also had appearances in movies What The King of Havana either brain drain 2. And on television, he has been seen in series like Red Eagle, Medical Center, Ours either The inmortal from Movistar+.

4. Your link with Letizia

The artists Chanel and Víctor Elías when they were a couple.

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On a more personal level, it has been known that chanell had a romantic relationship with actor and musician Victor Elijah (31), who became famous as a child for his portrayal of Guille in The Serranos. Despite the fact that her love story began and ended in 2021, the former couple supports each other at all times, congratulates each other and rejoices at each other’s successes.

Elías, ex-boyfriend of Chanel, is the son of Liberto ‘Tito’ Villagrasa Muñoz, who died in 2007, and his mother is the actress Amelia Alvarez del Valle. As a curiosity, the mother of Victor Elijah She’s daughter of Maria Flora Alvarez del Valleone of the sisters of Menchu ​​Alvarez del Vallepaternal grandmother of the Queen Letiziawho died at the age of 93 last July. So he is a second cousin of the King’s wife, which means that for a time, Chanel and the Queen were related.

5. Their feat. with Shakira

Chanel Terrero at the Benidorm Fest.

Chanel Terrero at the Benidorm Fest.

In 2010, Chanel was part as a dancer of the performance of Shakira (45) at the MTV Europe Music Awards. In relation to her experience with the powerful Colombian artist, the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022 declared the following:

“It was incredible, at an MTV awards, it was the first time I was on such a big stage with so many people, was a shock get up there and see so many people sing their songs. There was a brutal energy and I think that I will not repeat that experience again because I was not aware when I got on stage that this was going to happen, it is something that was unique and that I will remember”.

6. SloMo it was for jlo

Chanel in one of the Eurovision 2022 rehearsals.

Chanel in one of the Eurovision 2022 rehearsals.


The great song that Chanel takes to Eurovision is composed by artists such as Leroy Sanchez, Keith Harris or Maggie Szabo. Another of the creators of singleArjen Thonen, unveiled in the Dutch medium Dagblad Brabants how the song was composed with in mind Jennifer Lopez (52), who was looking for something of this style.

Upon Harris’ advice to send the song to Jennifer’s team, Thonen did so, albeit to no avail. The subject was three months in a drawer until the authors discussed the possibility of presenting it to the Benidorm Fest. “Keith sent me a message telling me that in Spain they were looking for a song in the style of Jennifer López to compete in the Eurovision pre-selection contest“Thonen revealed. et voila: take a video and watch it slo-mo.

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Her unexpected connection to Queen Letizia and five other things you didn’t know about Chanel (Eurovision 2022)