How were Lady Gaga’s concerts for 8 dollars in clubs?

Lady Gaga She is one of the most consecrated artists of the 21st century not only for her eccentricity and musical diversity, but also for having strengthened the music scene among women and thus indirectly generating the creation of many more artists who could give her proposal competition. that consecrated it as the new greatest exponent of pop worldwide.

Although the singer now enjoys overwhelming success and collects millions of dollars for musical tours or special presentations, at some point in his career things were not like that, he was not even called artistically as he is known now I didn’t even have the aesthetic style that has characterized her for more than a decade, being like a chameleon in the art scene.

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanottawhich is her official name, was born in New York on March 28, 1986. She has mentioned on more than one occasion that she started playing the piano at the age of four.

At thirteen he composed his first ballad; a year later, she began performing on “open mic nights”.

“I don’t know exactly where my affinity for music came from, but it’s the easiest thing for me. My mom always tells the embarrassing story that when she was three or even younger, she would help me up on the piano and play the keys. I guess she told my dad, “You have to study piano.” I started taking classes with an amazing woman, she was great, she is a great friend. So my first instincts were to work very hard practicing”, confessed the singer in Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside for mtv in June 2011.

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How were Lady Gaga’s concerts for 8 dollars in clubs?