Hurdles Taylor Swift overcame to become the successful, mature woman she is today

“I decided to become what they said I could not be,” he said. Taylor Swift upon receiving her award for being named Woman of the decade by Billboard in 2019. This speech went around the world because it demonstrated against the “toxic masculinity” in the music industry, the way she was criticized for achieving success and what she experienced when she lost the rights to her songs. To get to this point, Taylor – who started her career at the age of 13 – has endured ups and downs about her job, personality and even love relationships.

Reasons why Taylor Swift is an example of a successful and empowered woman for the new generations

What Taylor Swift has endured since her young age as an artist and songwriter is growing up in a male-dominated industry. And while not everything has been rosy, this 32-year-old singer has built her path and found her shine as time goes by. For this we give you the reasons why Taylor is an example of successful woman.

1) The press has led you to believe that he only writes about his exes

“If you think Taylor Swift only sings about her exes, then you don’t understand Taylor Swift.” The Washington Post to articulate how the singer takes the ability to write ‘love songs dedicated to ex-love’ beyond.

“If you believe the tabloids, they will say that she is singing about her famous ex-boyfriends and friends who are pop stars,” they wrote in BBC News, “But if you pay attention, Swift’s catalog is full of meticulous lyrics,” alluding to the composer’s power to write in one-note melody when the artist writes the lyrics directly as a narrative-.

So yeah, Taylor Swift has more albums than ex-boyfriends and a natural talent for being. storyteller Of all the songs he writes “I wouldn’t be a singer if I wasn’t a songwriter,” she told Billboard in 2014, (via BBC) “I have no interest in singing someone else’s lyrics.”

2) When Kanye West disrespected him at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Several years ago, at one of the biggest awards shows, there was an awkward moment between then-country artist Taylor Swift and the rapper Kanye West. The latter interrupted Swift (she was 19 years old) in her speech saying that she didn’t deserve the award for Best Video of the Year, but rather her inseparable friend Beyoncé.

In an interview with the New York Times In 2013, Kanye ‘withdrew’ the apology he intended to give Swift in 2010, stating that He did not regret that incident. Although in 2015 things seemed to calm down (Kanye, Kim and Tay reunited at the VMA’s), in 2016 West released the song Famous where one of the letters said, “I feel like Taylor and I should have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.”

And while West said Taylor ‘had read the lyrics and allowed it’, the composer’s then rep said she ‘never knew about this’ and was warned that she had released a song with “such a misogynistic message.” The situation got worse when the video of Famous he had a “Taylor Swift” lying naked next to West (and next to Rihanna, Trumo and Anna Wintour). Kim Kardashian defended her then-husband and indirectly tweeted Swift with various snake emojis.

3) Taylor Swift disappeared from the face of the Earth only to come back stronger than ever

When Kanye West and Kim’s criticism hit rock bottom, Taylor disappeared from social media and didn’t put out new material for a long time. When it finally came out Reputationin 2017, a new album represented by various snakes (as a hidden message to their haters) and in his single Look What You Made Me Do She announced that she was “dead” but that “the world goes on / another day and another drama / but not for me / all I think about is karma.”

Though the criticism continued, Tay ignored it and got on with it.

4) Lost your entire song catalog twice without your consent

It hasn’t been long since the bully Taylor Swift took over almost all of her songs. Before this, let’s talk about the context:

Taylor wanted to recover and buy all rights to his songs, but they denied him the opportunity. In 2019, former record label Tay, Big Machine Records, sold it all to Scooter braun (manager and producer) for $ 300 million –Braun stayed with all rights to the first six Swift albums. This was his first loss.

The second occasion happened when in 2020 Scooter sold 100% of the rights to Shamrock Holdings, again without Swift’s permission (this is the bully). Taylor spoke of this in her speech for Woman of the Decade: “I’m sure he [Scooter] I knew how I felt about it, and let me tell you that the definition of toxic masculinity in our industry is people saying, PBut he has always been good to me! when i’m giving valid worries about artists and their right to own their music. “

5) And that’s why Taylor Swift promised to re-record ALL the albums that she lost the rights to

Taylor decided to re-record the six albums that she lost the rights to and that’s why all the fans have been so excited to receive “the new dose of old Taylor Swift.” All old songs bring the (Taylor’s Version) They are the ones we should listen to.

And yes, this is where the much talked about love disappointment that inspired the song All Too Well, dedicated to Jake Gyllenhaal —from the album ‘Net’.

To close her 2019 speech, Taylor spoke about women in the industry: “Female artists are dominating this growing decade, streaming, ticket sales and critical recognition. Why are we doing so well? Because we have to grow fast, work that hard, show that we deserve this and we have to surpass our previous accolades. “

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Hurdles Taylor Swift overcame to become the successful, mature woman she is today