In three months of war we have become accustomed to the suffering of Ukraine: Who is next?

The tragedy of the war in Ukraine. Photo: AFP.

Perhaps it is the effect of forced immediacy to which current times lead us, where everything must be fast, instantaneous and ephemeral; something that is pathetically reflected in the “game rules” imposed by the social media. That is what they propose: permanent change, also on very sensitive issues. While the doubt about the motivations for things to be the way they are persists and eats away at us, it inevitably comes to mind the case of ukraine. Not a few see it as a fact of the past, which it does not even occupy the front pages of the journalistic mediaor is the center of the big headlines. Nor does it figure among the priorities on the cold agenda of the “breakingnews”.

East May 24 the milestone has been reached three months since Russia unleashed its violent attack on the neighboring nation. From fright and initial rejection, he went on to “normal” of the news and later, in another quick blink of an eye, to almost forget about the dramatic events that have a profound impact on people’s lives in Eastern Europe.

The arguments of various so that everything happens this way They are many and they go from the arrival of the fourth wave of coronavirus to the mystery that hides behind the monkey poxwithout ceasing to have cast a frightened look on Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock at the lavish Oscar Awards gala. Always and in all cases those arguments were (and will be) mere excuses in reality. The needs imposed in a tyrannical and dictatorial way lead us to welcome these “preventive forgetfulness” of the most worrying issues for humanity.

However, we are relieved to see that in that gala full of luxury and glamor (as well as the MTV Music Awards, and others) a video was projected with the lonely and distant words of Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of the outraged nation of Ukraine. The “great help” dispensed they were just strong applause Y circumstance faces, all very “cool” to add followers thanks to a timely story on social networks. We got used to all this, but in the meantime people continue to die.

Russia-Ukraine conflict, War, AFPCivilian population massacred in full view of all. Photo: AFP.


In other times the world whole “he defended himself” of indifference with more or less sustainable arguments: it was not known what was happening. This was, to a certain extent, true as far as the common citizen was concerned, though it did not apply to the governments and the state. The typical and most striking case was that of the horrors of the holocaust and the launch of the death machine in the Nazi labor, concentration and extermination camps during World War II. It is true that the public in general was absolutely on the sidelines of these sensitive and painful issues, and that the penetration capacity of the media was infinitely less than what happens today. Today there are no more excuses.

We see everything and everything is known, and no one needs intermediary saviors to become aware of the horrors and crimes of a war that we follow minute by minute, as if it were the ephemeral rating of a TV program. The question is … What is the next case that we will immediately forget? With what other war conflict will we look the other way? Sweden, Finland? Who’s next? who knows…

Have passed ninety days from the beginning of the war in ukraineY the interest -sincere and real- we lasted what a breath of air (to say nothing else) in a basket

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In three months of war we have become accustomed to the suffering of Ukraine: Who is next?