Is Madonna gay? The video on TikTok where the artist apparently hints at it

The singer Madonna, 64, is once again a trend on social networks, posting a video on the TikTok platform where he fulfilled a challenge in which he had to throw an object into a bucket and see if you were right or not; in this case, she decided to throw on some pink panties and fail.

“If I fail…I’m gay”were the words that accompanied the video.

After failing, netizens were surprised, and immediately reacted to the video. “What did you mean?”, “Has Madonna said that she is gay?”, “Is it just a game?”are some of the comments from several users who are still wondering if it is a joke or just a way to openly confess their sexual orientation.

Over the years Madonna has been mired in rumors about her sexualityas he has been associated with artists such as the model Jenny Shimizu and the actress Íngrid Casares, despite the fact that the queen of pop lasted three years in a relationship with the dancer Ahlamalik Williams, 28 years old.

Even a few years ago, Madonna surprised the world after kissing during a presentation of the MTV awards with Britney Spears and Cristina Aguileratwo of the most recognized artists of that moment.

Is he dating rapper Tokischa?

Recently, the artist surprised her followers again with a passionate kiss at a Gay Pride event in New Yorkwhich seeks to vindicate the struggle of the LGBTIQ+ population in the world.

This time, the queen of pop kissed passionately with the famous rapper from the Dominican Republic Tokischa, 24, who was her special guest for the concert.

The video of the impressive kiss between the two artists went around the world, where Madonna is seen performing a remix of the song hang-up when Tokischa came up to accompany her.

The two artists began to dance very sensually with each other, when the attendees began to ask for a kiss between the two. To please the public, the two singers decided to do it, a kiss that ended with a squeeze of the buttocks by the rapper to the queen of pop.

The madness was immediate among the attendees who applauded madly and were also very grateful, as it is a sign of the support that the singers have for the community.

Despite the fact that for some it was a very applauded kiss, on the contrary, others criticized the fact on social networks: “I think they took the wrong stage!!! They thought they were somewhere else!! But since they are famous, you can no longer say anything to them because we are in another century and now people can do whatever they want !!!!”, “What a grotesque show, oh my God” and “I really don’t I know how they ask for respect later…” were some of the comments that reacted to the video.

Even recently, the American singer was seen in the company of the Dominican rapper during New York Fashion Week, where they also took advantage of the moment to give each other a passionate kiss in the middle of the event. She has also been photographed together with the American in the summer.

Tokischa Altagracia Peralta participated in Madonna’s ‘Hung Up on Tokischa’ music video.

Britney Spears recreated her kiss with Madonna

After the celebration of the global campaign free britney, the iconic artists of pop music became a trend by appearing in a photo published by Madonna in which they are kissingjust as they did during the MTV Video Music Awards 19 years ago.

The photo published by the interpreter of was accompanied by the legend: “Britney, you look so happy and in love; I wish you and Sam the best. Last night was fun and sweet!”

The publication received more than 12 thousand comments, among which are: “My two favorite people, this makes me so happy”; “Queens, I love you both very much!”; “These photos are everything!!! Love love love!”; “This is the iconic photo of the year! Safely!”, among others.

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Is Madonna gay? The video on TikTok where the artist apparently hints at it