Jaula de Crickets, the group that made us dance in the two thousand, returns with ‘Bengalas’

Ten years may be a long time, but it is not so long for a group that was always very clear that theirs was not a goodbye, but a see you later. They are cricket cage, the quintet from Madrid that began their musical journey in earnest in 2006, when they signed their first record contract. From then on, his energetic and guitar-driven pop began to permeate the young people of that time thanks to songs like Bye either Everything I have and later the themes We are More and Thousand Pieces.

A decade later, the group made up of Alberto, Juan, Óscar, Álvaro and Antonio returns with the surprise launch of Flares. It’s about a song power pop that brings back the essence of his first compositions, but adapted to more current sounds. The renewal of Jaula de Grillos in this song is palpable, since the urgency of the guitars is still present in this song that flirts with very powerful electronic bases.

We talked to your singer, albert de miguelabout this comeback and of course, about flaresthe song with which they have decided to give themselves another chance on the Spanish music scene.

Question: How has it been to return to the studio after these years?

Response: In the summer of 2021 we had a series of concerts that made us rehearse again and, after spending hours in the venue, the desire to teach each other new songs and compose together appeared by itself. We were very anxious to find out what we would sound like 10 years later, really. And we wanted to surround ourselves with a great producer like Fernando Boix for it. In our last jobs we self-produced, but we felt we needed to add someone to the team to help us find a more current sound.

In this sense, the work with Fernando Boix has been exceptional. He has given us that missing point to sound more current without losing our essence and we are delighted with the result. And the best of all is that we have enjoyed like never before inside the studio itself; some issues have changed in the recording process, we are no longer looking for a sound as pure and organic as years agoand we were delighted to learn about the methodology of the new batch of local pop-rock producers.

Q: Will this song have a video?

A: Well, we are just evaluating it, still in the decision process. QWe want to give priority to continue putting together new songs and repertoire. But being able to communicate the song in a way that is not only sonorous, but also visual is a concept that attracts us a lot.

Q: Flares sounds very fresh, but you still maintain your sound. You haven’t succumbed to the new urban trends… Is it difficult considering that we are surrounded by urban rhythms?

A: We always talk to each other how great it is that new generations of listeners are more open than ever to mixing styles and trends. They have no prejudice in going from trap, rock or classic ballads and that’s a real wonder, because it’s what allows you to enjoy the songs in their pure essence. We, in particular and as listeners, really enjoy the new urban currents. There are brilliant songs within the style. Regarding future songs by Jaula, we don’t rule it out, but we would like it to be something natural if it happens. Perhaps through some collaboration that brings our world and yours closer…. But although it sounds like a cliché, the song must command above all else and it will be the song that guides whether it makes sense to experiment or not.

Q: Will it be the beginning of an album or an EP?

A: Yes, we would like to continue releasing new songs that, eventually, can shape an EP or album. The way music is consumed right now, we think the most logical thing to do is to release a few more singles first. We also want to take advantage of those singles to continue fine-tuning the sound and proposal of this new stage.

Q: Do you have plans to present this or other new songs live?

A: Of course. Live is the real goal of getting songs out. It’s what keeps us united as a band and excited about the project. We hope to announce the first dates soon.

More about Cricket Cage

Jaula de Crickets is a well-known band on the national music scene. They have 2 LPs released by Sony Music, 1 EP released by Warner Music and 1 self-produced live album; have worked with artists of the stature of Dani Marco de Get distractedXabi San Martin de Van Gogh’s EarJaime Terron of peaches either Bely Basarte. They are winners of awards such as the MTV New Sound of Europe and have been nominated for Revelation Group at the 40 Principales Awards. His songs have been anthems of international events, TV series, video games or advertising campaigns.

In recent years they have been focused on personal and family projects, until the summer of 2021 when they return to the stage with performances in Madrid (Mad Club Beach and Push Play Festival) or the prestigious international festival Starlite Catalana Occidente Marbella, among other dates. .. After these concerts they have decided to present new songs that they have been collecting over the years and the first single makes it clear that they are back with force.

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Jaula de Crickets, the group that made us dance in the two thousand, returns with ‘Bengalas’