Jimena Barón turns 35: the most important milestones that marked the course of her life

Jimena Baron

J MENA, artist, The Cobra.

This is how it is defined Jimena Baron on her Instagram profile, a social network in which she has almost six million followers, with whom she shares part of her work and professional routine on a daily basis, and also about raising her son morrisoneight years old, as a result of her previous relationship with Daniel Osvaldo.

And if it is about love, the actress and singer completely changed her attitude about it on social networks, and also in the public sphere. Accustomed to making all kinds of publications, she decided to stop referring to her private life. By the way, she is in a relationship with Matias Palleiro but the times he posted photos or videos with him are counted on one hand. It is that, in some way, she understands it is better to keep it that way, and not expose herself as happened on other occasions in which she ended up emotionally hurt.

This May 24, Jimena celebrates her 35 years and here we review the life story of the actress and singer who transcended in every way.

The women who forged her and her relationship with her father

“If you are happy, you are right”her mother often repeats Gabrielle, who is also a musician: she plays the drums and the piano. Her grandmother was an actress and worked in fotonovelas. Also, at family gatherings she played the piano or guitar. From there, Jimena’s passion for art: for example, she when she was a girl and went to visit her great-grandmother Betty to San Emilio -a town near Los Toldos- improvised plays. There, she was the director, the protagonist and her brother Federico and other local residents played secondary characters. She went from house to house to invite them to each function in which she used a canvas as a curtain and the chairs as theater seats.

In 2021, Jimena Barón was a jury member of The ShowMatch Academy
In 2021, Jimena Barón was a jury member of The ShowMatch Academy

He does not bear his father’s surname, Jorge Guevara, who left home when Jimena was four years old. “One day I woke up and he was gone. There was no talk with us or with my mother. It wasn’t very friendly.”, said on some occasion who, 11 years later, at 15, wanted to look for him: it was Father’s Day, he was at his mother’s house, he felt that he missed him and decided to do something about it.

“It’s gone. Why don’t I look for it?”, he thought and called his grandmother to ask for her contact because she didn’t even have his phone number. When she found him, she tried to understand why her father had abandoned her. “It wasn’t right. He had problems, he was a very crazy guy and he had addictions. He suggested to me that his little show of affection had been to withdraw because he felt that nothing good was going to happen with him around him. He also told me that he felt he had ruined our lives when he left us”, Said the actress about that reunion. Over time, they managed to rebuild their relationship to the point that today Jimena remembers him with the greatest love a daughter can have for her father.

Jorge died in 2014 due to a domestic accident: “He went to bathe, he had COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, he fell ill, fainted while taking a bath, covered the drain and drowned,” the actress told later that she was able to enjoy her Dad in his role as Morrison’s grandfather for a few months before he left.

Jorge with his grandson Morrison
Jorge with his grandson Morrison

After her husband left home, when her children were young, Gabriela Barón -hence the actress’s surname- rearranged her life and fell in love with José, with whom she had Isabel, Jimena and Federico’s younger sister. She was a police officer and was killed in a shooting.

The girl who became an established actress

He debuted when he was 10 years old and it was on the big screen, in the movie The lighthousean interpretation that earned him a prize the following year Silver Condor as a revelation actress. From there, she never stopped: Big, Pa!, Gasoleros –won a Martin Fierro for best child performanceHot, The soul of my life, They are loves, Los Roldán, You are my life, For the love of you, Almost Angels –the unforgettable Hope-, The only ones and you’re my man. Later, he would put his career on hold when he decided to accompany Daniel Osvaldo to Europe and start a family.

Three years later, when he returned to Argentina, he was Gilda in my hopealso worked in Educating Nina Y I want to live with you. In between, he was part of three editions of the Dancing from ShowMatch, where she showed her skills as a dancer and was already talking about her desire to launch as a singer. Last year, meanwhile, she was a member of the jury of The academy.

She went to live alone at 16, and the following year, at 17, she put her career on hold and went to another country. She chose New Zealand as a destination, where he lived for a year. In addition, she traveled for three months backpacking through Asia. “I left to feel normal, to feel like I was like my peers, like people my age”highlighted about that experience.

Although she had savings with which to pay for part of that trip, she had to find other jobs there to support herself financially: she was a cashier at a supermarket and cleaned hotel rooms.

Jimena Baron
Jimena Baron

A love beyond everything

In 2012, when he was in full success of you are my manHe fell in love with Daniel Osvaldo and for the first time after many years he decided to relegate his career in the industry to pursue that love with which he had several twists and turns for eight years and with which he formed a family.

A producer of Pure chemistrythe cycle led by Germán Paoloski on the ESPN screen, and Eugenia Tobal They were the Celestines. At that time, the footballer was playing in Italy and had been a guest on one of his visits to Argentina. She saw him on television and was captivated by a particular detail of the player: while he was speaking, he was touching the threads of the torn pants he was wearing. Immediately, she contacted her colleague -who was participating in the cycle at the time-, and both did the same so that they could contact each other.

Thus, they began a long-distance relationship. She traveled during her vacation and then returned to fulfill her work commitments. Until in February 2013 she sat down with the production of Polka and she spoke to them from the heart: she told them that she was very much in love, that she couldn’t stand the distance anymore and that she was going to live in Italy with her partner.

One of the last photos taken by Daniel Osvaldo and Jimena Barón, in full quarantine at the former soccer player's house, where she moved with her son
One of the last photos taken by Daniel Osvaldo and Jimena Barón, in full quarantine at the former soccer player’s house, where she moved with her son

The following year their son was born. morrison, who sealed their love story. Some time later, the soccer player was transferred to Argentina, an opportunity that Jimena would take advantage of to resume his work activity. However, his then partner did not agree with that and they separated for the first time. They later reconciled, but it didn’t work out.

Each one remade his life. And in May 2020, the quarantine brought them together again and from another place, even the then athlete showed him that he still had some memories of his time in Italy. However, once again, they distanced themselves. This time, it seems to be definitive. At least she enjoys her love with Matias Palleiro and he, of his relationship with Gianinna Maradona.

Today their relationship is as Morrison’s parents and neither tries to speak publicly about the other. For the sake of their son and also to respect the love they once had.

Morrison, his great life partner

In March 2014 his life changed forever. She was the mother of morrison, who was born in the bathroom of his home in Torino, Italy. At that time, the couple had just moved to England, they lived in a house in a town an hour from the city, a move that the actress made eight months pregnant. She but she decided to return to Italy to give birth.

“I’m terrified of anesthesia, needles. The bathroom thing was a coincidence”, he told Susana Giménez during a visit to his program. “I went to see some clinics and all my friends were going to have a caesarean section and I didn’t really understand why. I was terrified that they would open me. And I decided to have it in my house. I was in the bathroom, peeing. The delivery was in Italian, English and Spanish. Momo’s father was there, an English midwife and an Italian midwife. I had paid for a birthing pool, a whole egg came out. It was the idea, but I never got there, it was born in a bathroom”counted.

Today, Morrison is eight years old and lives his life as a happy child, according to what his mother portrays on his social networks. He sings, dances, laughs, plays with her cat -whom they called Torino-, goes to school, accompanies her to recitals and enjoys a lot of time together. When she travels for work or pleasure, she misses him. Much. But he understands that they both need those spaces between mother and son. And that reunions will always be the best, full of hugs and kisses.

Jimena Barón with her son Morrison, whom she nicknames Momo
Jimena Barón with her son Morrison, whom she nicknames Momo

The singer you always dreamed of being

When he stepped on the runway DancingYears ago (she was in the 2011, 2015 and 2016 editions) Jimena Barón publicly spoke of her desire to launch as a singer. The consecrated actress had studied music and wanted to focus on her career. Her project had to wait longer than she wanted, but she made it.

Over time, he knew how to write songs about his own life story. The loves, the heartbreaks: first it was The silly, then claimed with the cobra. And today he works to return to the stage and reconnect with his audience. She also sings about his childhood, a theme that she wet the page with her own tears while she wrote it, and that will soon come to light.

The silly broke records: it won a Martín Fierro Digital award for the best music video of the year and Gardel Award for best new pop artist album. And she, as a singer, won an award MTV Europe Music Awards as the best south Latin American artist and raised two statuettes in the Prizes I want: best Instagramer musician and best influencer musician.

Jimena Barón – I already miss you

Two years ago I have an album to finish, I am very excited and very afraid. The important thing is to do things the same way, with a lot of fear, but not so much that you don’t do them. What gives illusion and is not done stays inside with ugly taste. Since I make songs my life is what I always dreamed of. Thanks to those who let me keep them company, they fulfill my lifelong dream, ”she wrote last February when she traveled to Miami to finish the album that was stopped by the coronavirus pandemic. And that when it is released it will be, in some way, a new son for the artist who does everything with love, dedication and respect.

Jimena Baron He gives everything in everything in his life, in his projects and in love. He puts character, attitude and commitment. He has been working in the industry for 25 years and his name does not need further description, he simply adds professions and achievements with which he improves year after year.


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Jimena Barón turns 35: the most important milestones that marked the course of her life