Julieta Venegas sings ‘On your shore’

Julieta Venegas continues to present her next record material from less to more, now with the release of her third single “On your shore”, a song inspired by a poem by Chilean Rául Zurita, whom she discovered in her reading during the pandemic.

The song is presented with that touch that already characterizes the Mexican artist: an accordion intro, a medium beat, a pop arrangement by Alex Anwandter and she singing “I want to be forever in your happiest moment, I’m going to be your secret, a corner that you keep just for yourself”.

The obsession of one of Zurita’s poems has its own story that later ended up in this theme. She was inclined to “Keep me in you”, a writing that led her to translate the delicacy of the poet’s words and confirm that music expresses all emotions, that it must be done with love.

As an extra fact, the poem was the muse of several themes before becoming the inspiration for the new single.


The song, which was originally going to be a cumbia but now has a very attractive sound, is completely inspired by the poem and talks about the relationships that leave their mark and are part of what each person is, asking those loves to be kept. in that corner of memory, although the story itself has remained in the past.

The video clip for “On your shore” was recorded at Punta Lara in Buenos Aires, Argentina, directed by Carmen Rivoira, who had previously done the art direction on the video “Walk alone” and has a visual work by the photographer Florencia Mamberti, also the photographer of the video for “Walking alone”, and produced by La Casa de al Lado.


The video tries to tell the story through an object that unites two characters who lived a love together, and despite the fact that the relationship is over, there is still some magic in the memory, and when both characters look through of the object.

Venegas describes the atmosphere of the video with a “touch of the people, of those loves that leave their mark, and of love disagreements. I really like that water, the moon, nature are present in the video, I think it gives it a lot of magic, and it makes me think of the shore of that person whom I ask in the song, to let me stay there forever,” he said in a statement released this Sunday.

After this release and with a view to a new album, Julieta Venegas will resume her “See us again” tour, with which she will visit Argentina, Chile, Spain, the United States, Colombia and Mexico.

Did you know…?

The song is inspired by the poem “Keep me in you” by Chilean Rául Zurita, whom he discovered in his readings during the pandemic.


She is a Mexican, multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and musician, although she mainly plays the piano, accordion and guitar, which has made her one of the most recognized Latin musicians worldwide.

He was a member of the Mexican band Tijuana No!, before beginning his solo career in 1996. He released seven studio albums, to which are added the acoustic one for the MTV network, as well as the soundtrack of the play, “La Enamorada”, among others.

He has sold 25 million records worldwide, with gold and platinum certificates in the countries of Mexico, the United States, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Spain.

Throughout his career he has won two Grammy Awards and 10 Latin Grammy Awards, also two Billboard Music Awards, 7 MTV Awards, among another thirty awards.

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Julieta Venegas sings ‘On your shore’