Julieta Venegas: The singer appeals to “Nostalgia” in a new music video

After the premiere of songs like “Same Love”, “Walking Alone”, “On Your Shore” and “I Found You”which were positioned as outstanding songs and covers of the main playlists on digital platforms, the singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas has revealed new clues of what his next production will be “Nostalgia” from which now comes a single of the same theme accompanied by its music video.

In this new material, Julieta Venegas revisits her roots in her most recent music video entitled “La Nostalgia” which premiered through Facebook, being the fifth single from her next record material, in which the singer brings to the table symbols and images that refer to her past.

Said song was written by Julieta at the beginning of the pandemic and with difficulties to travel; her melancholy and being away from her city and her family, led her to sing to what lives in our hearts and sometimes we deny, and fondly remember the past or the city in which we grew up, but from which we have already left .

“During filming we were happy, in a good mood with talented people and good at work. I don’t think you could ask for more.”

The video for “La Nostalgia” was directed by Nicholas Ruizand the whole video has a symbolic and fanciful language, as well as beautiful, the vision of Nico, and of Daniela Maungthe art director, while the direction of photography is in charge of Mary Secco (The comedian (2021), Remains of the wind (2017), produced by Paulina Valencia and Kinstsugi Cinema.

“I have been working with women directors and it seems to me an ideal way, because we approach from uncertainty. We searched for the story, thinking about the song, making dialogue, and I think that led us to a personal job, where Nico’s vision is combined with my own language, just as personal”, explained Julieta Venegas about this new release. .

In the video shot at Lower California, road trips are appreciated, and a group of women representing different generations accompanying you come; as well as some clips from his past that are scattered throughout the video, giving that biographical touch.

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“I discovered Nico’s work at the suggestion of my sister and friends, and I really liked his autobiographical and peripheral perspective. I was particularly wanting to shoot the video in Baja California, something pulled me to go film in my city, in my state. That landscape seems important to me for the theme of the song. And the landscape is so important in the video, those stones, those hills. During the filming we were happy, in a good mood with talented and good people working. I don’t think you could ask for more.”noted Julieta Venegas, who is returning to the Mexican stage with shows scheduled for the next November 25 and 26 at the Metropolitan Theater; and on the 29th of that same month, he will offer a unique concert in the city of New York.

Through this link you can see the video and listen to the song by Julieta Venegas: https://fb.watch/gxxYr4nYOB/

Who is Julieta Venegas?

Composer, singer and Mexican music, She is a multi-instrumentalist and plays mainly the piano, the accordion and the guitar, being one of the most recognized Latin musicians worldwide.

He was a member of the Mexican band Tijuana No!before beginning his solo career in nineteen ninety six. She released seven studio albums, to which is added the acoustic for the mtv network as well as the soundtrack of the play, La Enamorada, among others.

Estimated to have sold 25 million records worldwide; obtaining gold and platinum disc certificates in countries such as Mexico, the United States, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Spain. Throughout her career, she has won two Grammy Awards and 10 Latin Grammy Awards, as well as two Billboard Music Awards, seven MTV Awards, among thirty other awards.

She was named Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF in Mexico and also Goodwill Ambassador by the Council of Ministers of Women of Central America (COMMCA).

It has more than 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify, more than 800 thousand followers on Instagram, almost 3 million on Facebook, and more than 4 million on Twitter.



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Julieta Venegas: The singer appeals to “Nostalgia” in a new music video