Kanye West and Taylor Swift: all the fights they’ve had

kanye-west is known for his great musical repertoire but also for being the protagonist of many controversies with different artists ranging from Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davison, among others. But one of his best-known controversies is the one he shares with the singer Taylor Swift.

Everything goes back to 2009, at that time Kanye West was one of the most recognized musicians in the industry and for his part Taylor Swift was just beginning to form a career, despite the fact that he had 1 musical projects, 2009 was the year in which the one who would win the most recognition for his album Fearless.

It was at the MTV Video Music Awards when It would be the beginning of this controversy because Taylor Swift won the award for best video with her single You Belong with Me, ringing the bell in front of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies video. The singer was giving her acceptance speech when West came onstage and interrupted her. “Taylor, I’m so happy for you and I’m going to let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.” The rapper returned to the stalls booed while Swift could not say a word.

taylor He continued with his career, achieving fame with his following projects: Speak Now, Red Y 1989receiving various recognitions and awards and becoming one of the most important and best-selling artists, kanye for your part continued working on his music following the same line and venturing into the world of fashion designamong other things.

Kanye was preparing his next album, so he He called Taylor Swift because he wanted to include her in one of his songs, so he “informed” her that she would be present in his new project so that there would be “no misunderstandings.”though it only informs him of the first line where he names her when in reality there were 2 lines within the song that spoke of her. Kanye records the call without Taylor knowing, this in case there was any problem, he had the call where Taylor agrees to be named.

In 2016 the Kanye West single comes out, Famoussong that included the lines where he talks about various artists, including Taylor Swift, where he said: “I think Taylor and I can still have sex. I made that bitch famous.”This sparked a fight between the two artists. Taylor assured that it was denigrating and sexist to be named that way and that obviously she never consented to that.

This causes Kim Kardashian leaked Kanye and Taylor’s phone conversation to which Taylor responded with a tweet where she denied being aware of the second line where she denigrated her and that she also did not consent to be recorded.

However, at that time no one believed taylor and Kim Kardashian attacked her on Twitter, causing all her followers to attack her on social networks by commenting on her photos with snake emojis and insults for defending Kanye and Kim.

in 2017 Taylor Swift responded to all the Kanye West attacks and all the collective harassment she received with her single Look What You Made Me Do where he exposed all the situations that triggered since 2009 when Kanye took the stage at the VMA’s, telling everything from his perspective and leaving behind all the controversy with Kanye West.


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Kanye West and Taylor Swift: all the fights they’ve had