Kanye West: the masculine stereotype that must be extinguished

    It’s not easy to talk about Kanye West without feeling angry and confused. As a woman who enjoys her music, I have to say that separating the person from the artist is extremely difficult for me. The eternal debate about whether the work of a human being should be judged from the perspective of his acts on a personal level is something that still generates confusion and a multitude of conflicting opinions. maybe that’s why no one has yet (completely) canceled one of the most brilliant rappers in history.

    It is. Kanye West is an extraordinary musician. A complex artist. Nevertheless, years ago he began to show a trait that many, including me, overlook: his overwhelming and dangerous toxic masculinity. It was in 2009 when the singer took the stage at MTV Video Music Awards at the same time that an excited (and very young) Taylor Swift collected the award for Best Female Music Video for the song You Belong To Me. He did it to publicly say that Beyoncé deserved the award more than Taylor. Yes. This happened.

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    “When Kanye went onstage with Taylor that year, she had to come back afterward and sing her song 5 minutes later. I went to the dressing room to see if everything was alright and found her and her mother crying hysterically.. I’m not very good with emotions, I didn’t know what to say. I went to backstage and there was Beyoncé, crying too“, confessed one of the executives of the gala who lived that unpleasant moment. Two women crying as a result of the actions of a single man. Cloth.

    Kanye West: the rapper who does not love (as he should) women

    This was, although we did not know how to see it, the first warning about the more than toxic behavior that the rapper has always shown in his relationships with women, even if he does not have a romance with them. Y this has nothing to do with his bipolar disorderconfirmed by himself and by his closest family. His mental problems do not exempt him from believing that he dominates women and that they are his property. An example of this is that he only acts like this with females, not with his male colleagues.

    Kim Kardashian lived a real hell (although the pink press frivolized with it) when she decided to divorce him. The rapper did not want to sign her papers, he kept referring to her as her wife and publicly threatened the socialite’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, on several occasions. He laughed about it himself in his monologues, though it was obvious he wasn’t the least bit thankful.

    The couple walking around Paris in 2020.

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    After finally freeing Kim, Kanye sought refuge in the arms of actress Julia FoxY now she is proud to have broken up with him when he saw the first signs of its toxic character: “I had a lot of unresolved issues who he was dealing with. It seemed like he had a lot to work on, and I don’t have the time or energy for that. I don’t have the emotional capacity for it because I have to focus on my life and my son.

    Some statements that many followers of Kanye have branded as “selfish” on social networks. Let’s see, let’s all calm down for a moment and breathe. Since when is it the job of one person, regardless of gender, to be another’s savior? Are we living inside a (toxic) Netflix romantic comedy?

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    Kanye West and Julia Fox in January 2022.

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    Kanye West is in trouble. In agreement. But the rapper cannot expect the women he is emotionally involved with to be his lifeline. “He suffered a lot with the loss of his mother, to whom he was tremendously close and to whom he cared for his whole life,” his fans often say when they accuse him of psychologically abusing his sentimental partners. Again, no excuse. It can be a trigger, but never a reason to absolve Kanye of his toxic behavior with women.

    Kanye West must die to be resurrected

    The only path left for the rapper to travel is that of redemption. Learn to see in women allies, not saviors or enemies. Because if Kanye sings to God in his songs seeking forgiveness, maybe he should follow in his footsteps to be reborn. Will he get it?

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Kanye West: the masculine stereotype that must be extinguished