Khalid will come to Mexico for two concerts: dates and places

One of the artists who everything he does turns to gold in recent years is Khalidwho from his first single “Location” climbed to the top of the popularity charts and then this avalanche led him to be credited with four platinum albums and with all of American Teen.

From then to date, Khalid has in his Spotify account the not insignificant (in fact, he does charge well) amount of 15 billion views, and yes, his debut hit hard what was achieved with Free Spirit, from where it is already brutal. Nominated for 7 Grammy Awards and won, in addition to a lot of money, the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, Teen Choice, MTV Music Award.

A strong part of this singer-songwriter is his collaborations, where we have one with Billie Eilish, another with Halsey, Marshmello and the most recent, “Numb” with Disclosure. As a ninety fact, in the video “Young, Dumb & Broke” features Dennis Haskinsknown as Mr. Belding on the television series Saved by the Bell, in his role as the school principal.

Of the latest is “New Normal”, which was launched from the Unity 22 spacecraft by Virgin Galactic, being the theme that the crew heard on the way back to earth. And speaking of appointments, in 2018 El Paso, Texas was given the key to the city and September 13 was named ‘Khalid’s Day’.

So under all of this, Khalid is coming to Mexico on two dates, the first October 12 at the CDMX Arena and a day later, on October 13 at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara. Ticket sales start on July 10 through Superboletos.

Khalid confirms his visit to CDMX
Khalid confirms his visit to CDMX


Once you have your tickets, you must go to the Arena CDMX. For this, there are two possibilities in public transport. The first is to arrive by metro using line 6, the red line, and get to the Ferrería/Arena Ciudad de México station. Once there, you will go out to Avenida de las Granjas and walk north for about 5 minutes, on your way you will come across the meat stalls and companies that are commonly known as the Rastro, although really the CDMX Arena is the one that It is located on the grounds of the Hacienda Ferrería trail.

The other option to get there is using the Metrobus. You will also use line 6 of the caterpillar trucks and get off at the Tecnoparque station. There, you will walk towards Alameda Norte until you come across Avenida de las Granjas. From here there is not much loses, because when you get off the MB, you will see the large external screen of the enclosure.

If you are going by car, you can get there via Avenida Eje 5 Norte, if you come from the north, or Montevideo, if you come from the south. In case you come from Rosario, you will use the contraflow of the road, your location point will be the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Azcapotzalco (UAM-A). Once you see it, follow the contraflow until you come across the Av. de las Granjas bridge; Instead of going up, you take the side road and turn right.

If you are coming from Montevideo (this name covers from Insurgentes to Vallejo avenue), follow all the way of Metrobus Line 6 towards Rosario, go up to the Av. de las Granjas bridge and before going down, you will find an exit on the right to connect with the road where the CDMX Arena is located. Similarly, if the car is the option to go to the event, the road signs will show you the way.

parking is freeso you don’t leave your car in the surrounding streets.

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Khalid will come to Mexico for two concerts: dates and places