La Etnnia: the institution of rap leads a new ‘ranking’

This week the list of the ten best rap and hip hop songs of the first half of the year was known, according to Billboard Latin Music Showcase. The Colombian group La Etnnia leads the ranking with its most recent song, From The Barrio, what did he do with the Panamanian singer of reggae Kafu Banton. Alcolirykoz also appears in ninth position, with rue bath.

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This listing was made by critics of the music publication. Weeks before, specialists had “predicted” that this song “will be a smash hit –great success– on the radio in Colombia and globally”.

This production was published a month ago and is the first single from his eleventh and upcoming album, Immortalwhich will be released in the second half of this year. The video was recorded in the Las Cruces neighborhood, in Bogotá, the birthplace of the Ata brothers, Kaiser and Kany, the rappers. It was produced by Juliano and directed by Camilo Monroy of Duall Studio.

The lyrics talk about life in the neighborhood, in the ghetto. It is a narration of the experiences and events that have been lived in the streets of Bogota for decades, and of the lessons that those events leave. In addition, it is a reminder to keep the essence and remember where it comes from.

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Colombian rap legends

There is no doubt that La Etnnia is the institution of Colombian rap. For almost 30 years they have written and produced lyrics that have portrayed the daily life of Bogota and Colombians. Not in vain, in 2019, the Foreign Ministry named them legends of Colombian music and their musical history became the cultural heritage of the nation and rests in the National Library. There are the ten albums they have released so far.

Its history began in 1984, when the brothers Kany, Kaiser and Ata, together with Buitre and El Zebra, began to explore and understand what was being heard about hip hop and musicians like Afrika Bambaataa or Kool Herc in the United States. For a decade they defined their characteristic lyrics and styles, and set up their label 5-27 Récords, referring to the address of the house where they began recording and where they were heard in the neighborhood.

In 1994 they released their first production, The methane attackan album that defined the genre in the country and influenced several generations. Snow from Colombia, Noicanicula, Morgue Stamp Passport, Life in the Ghetto, Killer by nature Y Asylum 5-27 were some of the songs. “We have always been children of violence. Since I have use of reason I have seen it. At times there are downturns, reality hides, and again it reappears, “said Kany in an interview with this newspaper. And he added: “We have always talked about the street and the manifestations of life.”

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We have always been children of violence. Since I have use of reason I have seen it. For times there are downturns, reality hides, and again it reappears

Since then, his career has been prolific. Indigenous malice, Criminology, Stress, Pain & Adrenaline, Real, Forever, The voice of the street, Universal, History & Legend, 5-27 International Y 10 have been the record productions they have published.

La Etnnia is a group with a constant career that stands out for its own production of its music, including the recording of lyrics, sound design, videos and even records and vinyl, and for its leading role in the national genre scene. and international. In 2004 she was recognized with the United Nations ‘Messengers of Truth’ award at the Barcelona Forum. She has been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and was nominated at the MTV awards. In addition, The New York Times newspaper described it as the band that validated Colombian hip hop. This year it will be presented on Sunday, September 26 at the first edition of the Cordillera Festival, organized by Páramo and Ocesa, that pays tribute to music in Spanish. He is one of the representatives of the genre at the event to be held in the Simón Bolívar park in Bogotá.


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La Etnnia: the institution of rap leads a new ‘ranking’