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The excess of fat in the hair represents a great discomfort for many of us. We can wash our hair at night and dawn as if we had not done it for days, that’s why we tell you some tips how to fight it.

There are several factors that influence us to have oily hair, in the first place it may be due to inadequate hygiene, but it is not about washing badly or not doing it, but rather that we may be using a shampoo and cream rinse that is affecting the pH of our hair. skin.

Hormonal changes also influence the production of sebum in our scalp, pregnancy, puberty or the arrival of the period can generate excess oiliness, as well as genetic factors as well.

Generally straight and fine hair are the ones that most have this characteristic, this is because the hair strands have between two to three sebaceous glands that moisturize it and when the hair is too fine it does not use all the secretion, being deposited on the surface .

How can we avoid it?

If you’ve recently started taking birth control and noticed that your hair is getting dirty too quickly, the hormones you’re taking may be to blame. Certain contraceptives can produce an increase in the production of sebum, in this case, you should consult your gynecologist.

Try not to apply too much heat to your hair. Bathing in very hot water, using a hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron and other accessories favor excess fat. It is best to opt for warm to cold water to wash our heads, and if possible let the hair dry on its own. In the event that you need to use a hair dryer, try not to let the temperature exceed 180º C.

Touching the mane a lot also makes it dirty. Comb your hair when you finish washing it just to untangle it, then avoid touching it or combing it dry, this multiplies the fat. It is important that you use a good natural bristle brush and that you sanitize it once a week.

Natural medicine

Just as it is important to exfoliate our body to remove dead cells, we must also perform this routine on our scalp.

You can opt for a tablespoon of baking soda and three drops of peppermint essential oil to massage your head with circular movements, this will help eliminate sebum and unclog clogged follicles. Finally, perform your normal wash, you can repeat this action once every 15 days.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent astringent to remove oil from your hair, as well as helping to balance the pH. When you finish washing your head, mix warm water with a dash of vinegar in a container and apply it to your hair as the last rinse. Not only will it prevent oiliness but it will also leave your hair shiny and beautiful.

A very powerful infusion that undoes the accumulation of oils in the follicles is black tea. To take advantage of it, you just have to prepare 1 liter of water and two tea bags in a pot, then, when you go to bathe, wash your hair with shampoo and once you rinse all the product, apply the tea on the skin and massage with circular movements. , after a few minutes you can rinse again and apply the conditioner.

You can also opt for a natural toning mask. Mix three tablespoons of aloe vera, the juice of one lemon and half a cup of natural yogurt. Apply it from the root to the ends and let it act for 15 minutes, then wash normally.

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La Nación / In this way we eliminate oily hair