La Nación / This is how the Android application for emergencies is activated

The purpose of this platform is to store information related to the health of the person to in order to have a medical history in case of need.

The Emergency app can be found in the Play Store. To configure the new application, it is only necessary to fill in a series of data with the identity of the person. For example, blood group and emergency contacts. Once the required information is complete, the user can activate an alarm or automatically call any registered emergency number.

In addition, you have the possibility to share the location in real time or record any video of the situation. It even has accident detection from the cell phone itself, that is, if the person is involved in any trouble, the device will ring to ask if the user needs help and, if this is the case, it will report immediately.

All these functions must be activated by the user beforehand so that in a moment of despair they can be used.

emergency responses

To automate your notifications, you must touch the “Settings” icon in the upper left corner, where you can modify two fields related to emergency responses. The first section activates a function so that pressing the lock button five times initiates different actions, such as sounding the alarm, calling the emergency number, sharing our location or recording a video.

In the second, there is the “Emergency Notice” that enables us to share our position with emergency contacts, that is, our phone will automatically share the information with those contacts in the event of an emergency.

Detection and alerts

Android also offers help in the case of dangerous situations through its second category of settings, where car accident detection and crisis alerts are the key points.

The first feature will make your phone vibrate and ring, before asking if you need help. In the event that you do not answer your cell phone, it will call 112 to provide your location to the emergency service. Thus, if you are the victim of a traffic accident, you will have help without the need for the user to intervene.

The second corresponds to crisis alerts such as natural disasters or nearby public emergencies. The phone will alert you with notifications of public emergencies such as natural disasters, thus making the user have the information as soon as possible.

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Contacts and information:

In the settings you will also find “Contacts and information” to select the people who will be contacted in case of emergency. If a person finds you in a difficult situation, they can go to the contacts that you include in this section, so a stranger will know who to call just by pressing the “Add contact” button to view all the saved numbers.

The second case called “Medical information” is used to provide information to our mobile. We have aspects such as blood group, allergies, medication we take, our address or if we are organ donors. All this data will be useful in case we are not able to get out of a problem and the health authorities or third parties attend to us. This information is displayed by the phone without having to unlock it.

Thanks to this new alert method, the cell phone will allow access to all the information that we previously added. This way the emergency services will have all the data to help you.

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La Nación / This is how the Android application for emergencies is activated