‘LOL: If you laugh, you lose’ and the documentary by Lola Índigo, main Prime Video premieres in May

May comes to Amazon Prime Video with a barrage of premieres and return. One of the most prominent is the the second season of ‘Lol: if you laugh, you lose’, the format presented by Silvia Abril and Carolina Iglesias, which will arrive on the entertainment platform on May 20.

The contestants of this second installment will be Anabel Alonso, Henar Álvarez, Juan Amodeo, Carlos Areces, Lorena Castell, Patricia Conde, Antón Lofer, Luis Piedrahita, JJ Vaquero and Yolanda Ramoswho will return as a contestant with the challenge of surpassing herself after her brief but hilarious participation in the first season of the program.

The second round of six episodes, produced by Banijay Iberia and with Miguel Martín as showrunner, will once again bring together the best masters of monologues, imitations, humor and improvisation, among other modalities, and will offer the audience a hilarious competition in which it is as important to remain serious as it is to unleash the laughter of the opponents. Anything goes on this show except one thing: if you laugh, you lose. The last contestant to maintain his composure during the six hours that the challenge lasts will be victorious and receive the grand prize of 100,000 euros that he can donate to a charitable cause of his choice.

‘Lola Indigo. The girl’ – Premiere – May 13

Another of the outstanding premieres of Prime Video in this month of May is ‘Lola Índigo. La Niña’, the documentary about the former ‘OT 2017’ participant, which can be seen in Spain on Amazon Prime Video on May 13. The production of Fremantle (‘Mask Singer’, ‘Got Talent’) and Universal Music portrays through her own testimonies and from her closest, personal and professional environment, Mimi’s career from the beginning of her .

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Beginning as a dancer, going through her participation in Operación Triunfo in 2017, the beginning of her career as Lola Indigo together with the release of the song that catapulted her into the music scene ‘Ya no Quiero Ná’ until she won the MTV award for best Spanish artist. in 2019 confirming suspicions: Lola Indigo’s time had come. The concert at the Wizink Center becomes the opportunity to gather and pay tribute to all her people who have accompanied her through thick and thin throughout all these years, a tribute concert to all of them and an inspiration for all her fans.

‘The wild’ – Season 2 – May 6

In the second season of ‘The wild’, survival will hang in the balance for this group of teenage girls stranded on a desert island, after the incredible discovery that what is happening to them is a complex social experiment. This season increases the drama and maintains the intrigue, with the introduction of more study subjects, with another island of adolescent boys, who must also fight for survival under the watchful eye of who pulls the strings of the experiment’s puppets.

Other premieres

  • May 1: James Bond Film Collection

  • May 1: ‘007. No time to die’

  • May 6: ‘Bosch: Legacy’

  • May 8: ‘Bad Boys for Life’, ‘The Addams Family 2. The Great Escape’

  • May 13: ‘Fatima’, ‘Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls’, ‘The Kids in the Hall’

  • May 19: ‘Bang bang baby’ (episodes 5-10), ‘Emma’, ‘Trolls World Tour’

  • May 20: ‘Totems’, ‘Night Sky’

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‘LOL: If you laugh, you lose’ and the documentary by Lola Índigo, main Prime Video premieres in May