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‘Lola Indigo. The girl’ is a documentary film that reviews the moments that have made her the artist she is and narrates her preparation for one of the most important concerts of her career in the Wizink Center.


July 17, 2021, Wizink Center, Madrid. Lola Indigo has one of the most important appointments of her career ahead of her. For any artist, without a doubt, a concert that would mean the definitive step in achieving a dream: to be a music star. But Lola Indigo is not just any artist. Behind that idol figure of the masses hides Mimi, a woman determined to leave a mark since she was a child and that she has always approached her career in a different way.

Lola Indigo

The documentary portrays, through her own testimonies and those of her closest, personal and professional environment, Mimi’s career from its beginnings. She starting as a dancer, going through her participation in Operation Triumph in 2017, the beginning of her career as Lola Indigo along with the release of the song that catapulted her into the music scene ‘I don’t want anything anymore’ until winning the MTV award for best Spanish artist in 2019, confirming suspicions: Lola Indigo’s time had come.

The concert at the Wizink Center becomes the opportunity to gather and pay tribute to all her people who have accompanied her through thick and thin throughout all these years, a tribute concert to all of them and an inspiration to all their fans.

The documentary of 80 minutes ‘Lola Indigo. La Niña’ is a Fremantle Spain and Universal Music Spain production.

About Lola Indigo

The Lola Indigo project has been the most pleasant musical surprise in recent years: hardly making any noise, it has burst onto the scene with a series of songs that have broken all records. His first album, ‘Akelarre’ was N1 in sales in physical, digital and streaming and the artist accumulates more than 4 million listeners monthly on Spotify.

‘La Niña’ was her second album, with it she has also reached N1 in sales. Lola Indigo accumulates Gold and Platinum certifications, like ‘La Niña de la Escuela’, her song with Tini and Belinda, with which she has already reached 100 million streams on Spotify. Lola Indigo is one of the few artists that can boast of more than 10 official certifications in her songs.

‘I don’t want anything anymore’ triple platinum disc‘Witch Woman’ Double platinum disc, ‘Curse’ Platinum disc, ‘Me Quedo’ Platinum disc, ‘Lola Bunny’ Platinum disc, ‘4 Besos’ Platinum disc, ‘Como te va’ Gold disc, ‘High remix’ Triple Platinum (Argentina), ‘La Tirita’ Platinum Disc and ‘La Niña de la Escuela’ Triple Platinum Disc.

In addition, the singer accumulates awards both in Spain and in Latin America: MTV Ema Winner ‘Best Spanish Act 2019’, Musa International Collaboration Awards, Odeon Award for Urban Odeon Artist, Los40 Music Awards for Revelation Artist or Group of the Year and for Best Video Clip, among others.

What began as a project based practically in Spain, has been growing exponentially internationally and its music is already being heard solidly in countries such as Mexico, the United States, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala…

‘Lola Indigo. La Niña’ will premiere exclusively in Spain and Latin America next Friday may 13th.

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‘Lola Indigo. La Niña’ – Premiere May 13 on Prime Video – Audiovisual451