Lola Índigo: “Women’s playlists are beautiful, but equality is being on those that everyone listens to”

Lola Indigo is currently traveling between The girl and his future third studio album, giving himself the pleasure, without losing his essence, of releasing songs that do not depend on a specific concept or genre. From this break arises toy storya pop-style song that the artist feels and enjoys, although she does not carry all the scenic paraphernalia that tracks like Santeria, Romeo and Juliet or the recent Single ladies. It is a promotional single that serves as a bridge to what he will put together soon within his discography. About that future project with which she intends to complete her musical trilogy, about the need to fly solo for a while and to focus on the inequality that prevails on streaming platforms, I talk to her at LOS40.

What feelings do you have with ‘Toy Story’?

It is something very different from what I have done before. It’s more pop and I’ve been inspired by funk music. At the time I wrote it I was listening to a lot of Doja Cat and the previous Bruno Mars album. I really wanted to do something like this. There is something about that music that hits me in the chest and after many attempts this was the way it developed best toy story.

‘Toy Story’ totally breaks with ‘Las Solteras’. It shows that you are not willing to pigeonhole yourself into any genre.

I’m not, no. Within the urban I am the most pop. I am on that fine line. Have I ever been asked if I’m not afraid to make these changes, like when I made Spice Girls either How’s it going? with beret. Eye, yes it is different because it is not so urban, but it does not differ much from the school girl. It has that good vibe, that white and light part that I have.

Is the song inspired by a story from your adolescence or is it something more recent?

It is inspired by a recent story. And if you notice, he talks about ghosting.

If I had to choose a word for the third album, it would be superpower.

And a bit of second chances.

I don’t know if I believe in second chances. I think we have to establish some rules so as not to screw it up again, so as not to fall back into the same mistakes of the past. I think the empathy is disappearing. I may have seen many movies, but we have a hard time communicating and forgiving from the heart. It’s hard for me too.

Are ‘Las Solteras’ and ‘Toy Story’ previews of what will be your third studio album or are you currently in a transition?

Let’s call it transition. The turning point will come after The Girl XXL, after the show at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. that will be the end-of-year party that we are going to give to The girl. Then we will begin to see what follows. We are telling the story well and that excites me.

And will there be more songs within that transition? I remember that on the tour you closed with ‘Spinelli’…

There will be surprises. They have asked a lot Spinelli. It is a song that means a lot to the fans because it is the closing of the concert. It literally says, “Now that the show is over, come see my movie.” It seems that it was a prediction of what was about to happen and that’s as far as I can read…

You are an artist who likes to share with other artists and make collaborations, but you have two songs in a row solo.

I wanted to do it like this. Sometimes featuring involves hype. I love collaborating, but I also wanted to try like this. There are songs like Single ladies either toy story, which are perfect as they come out. In the case of witch womanFor example, Mala Rodríguez adds to the concept with her part, but that does not always happen. Not always, necessarily, the person you invite to the song understands the concept one hundred percent. I was proposed to someone toy storybut I said no because it is something very mine.

But I understand that others will come later, right?

I have them on disk, but now it’s time to do it like this. It’s how I feel and what I feel like.

I am in a transition and the turning point will come after La Niña XXL

What balance do you make of the stage of ‘La Niña’?

It has been a very nostalgic moment, of remembering everything that made me want to be an artist and make music. All the movies I made and all the MTV video clips I swallowed. It has been very nice to put everything on a record and in the documentary that will be released in May. Both things speak of the fact that we are what we dreamed of as children. One achieves happiness when he looks a little like the child he was and what he wanted then.

I know it’s top secret, but can you give me a hint or something about the third album?

I have already left many clues in the video clips and on my social networks. The sound is going to be very different and very varied within the album. There are more pop sounds, more electro sounds, more reggaeton… There is a bit of everything, but everything follows a line. If I had to choose a word it would be super power. It’s a transformation and then a superpower. If it were a trilogy it would be the witch, the girl and… something else. They are three different characters.

At LOS40 Music Awards 2021 you dedicated your award to Rosalía, Belén Aguilera, Aitana and Ana Mena. How do you value what your colleagues are contributing to the industry?

We are very different from each other and each one has a very personal project. They are working on it a lot. Look, I think there is a much greater demand for women. I do not know if demand, but expectations. And I would like that to be supported by all platforms.

Is there no real support on the platforms?

Beyond where we listen to the music is the live show. We bring something very cool to the live show and I wouldn’t want it to go away. We could achieve this with an equality. I appreciate that there is a playlist on Women’s Day, but I also want there to be a real integration into the hit playlists. It cannot be that you open one and be surprised that the vast majority, 90%, are men. I appreciate the women’s playlists, they are beautiful, but the real equality is that we are on the playlists that everyone listens to.

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Lola Índigo: “Women’s playlists are beautiful, but equality is being on those that everyone listens to”