Looks featured at the MTV EMA’s

The pandemic is behind us, although the Covid-19 virus continues to circle the air. The restrictions are now a thing of the past. This was the indication that was needed to unleash the great world events that capture the world’s attention and bring together the most sought-after artists.

Each of the music industry awards that did not have the opportunity in previous years from 2019 to date, was able to have its special night again. This is what happened this Sunday, November 13, at the PSD Bank Dome in Düsseldorf, in Germany.

It was the sixth edition of the MTV European Music Awards. Although with some important and notable absences, the night allowed originality to unfold among the guests.

Unlike the phenomenon observed on the latest red carpets, where there was a color palette that was repeated, on this occasion the sparkles and tones in all its versions were the protagonists. The transparencies made their way in this plane and were present in the vast majority of the creations of the exclusive designers who left their mark.

Another of the particularities of this event was that a preview was held, which was broadcast live just like the ceremony, where music and presentations were enjoyed from the start. The conduction, in charge of the New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi and the English vocalist Rita Ora lived up to the importance of the recognitions given.

On October 12 of this year, the organization gave the green light to the list of nominees, so there were already many candidates for each shortlist. Surprisingly and for the first time, Rosalía did not lift any trophy tonight but, it is worth mentioning, she was not present to find out because she was one of the great absences from the gala.

Of those who accumulated the most shortlists was Harry Styles with seven among the male artists and Taylor Swift with six in the female genre. Coincidentally, both ex-partners. But the former One Direction was unable to attend as he is on tour.

The Spanish had five nominations and did not win any. Nicki Minaj had the same amount, which ranked her among the rappers with the most shortlisted. Blackpink were honored to be among the most outstanding artists for ‘Best Video’.

The MTV EMAs added categories for Best R&B, Best Metaverse Performance, Best Live, and Best Long Form Video. The first to open the show were Bebe Rexha and David Guetta, who were followed throughout the night by Muse, Thundercat and Gorillaz.

Lisa, from Blackpink, won the shortlist for Best Artist, Seventeen for Best New Artist and Best Push Artist, Blackpink for Best Performance in the Metaverse, TXT for Best Asian Artist, Harry Styles for Best Live Artist and Taylor Swift, that he was left with four of the six nominations that he earned with his annual work, it was only a part of what the great gala left.


The looks for a red carpet, whatever the occasion, is specially thought and designed by fashion artists. The eyes are on the nominees and guests but, above all, on what they wear and who designed it, whether to copy it, buy it or find inspiration.

The big winner of the night, with four of the six statuettes to which she aspired, Taylor Swift marked the line and the path of the night at the MTV EMA. With a see-through dress and chains, she really dazzled.

As it could be seen in the last months, men are not gifted with this fashion trend. Far from fitting in with classic suits, basic colors and the odd detail, they play for bright colors and risky designs, like Miguel Ángel Silvestre or Jack Fowler.

Albanian singer-songwriter, Bebe Rexha, made her presence felt in electric blue on velvet. With shapes and volume, the artist chose a design by Binch TongTong. As can be seen, it ranges from a well-marked round neck to covering fine-heeled shoes, with long sleeves and gloves. A truly risky design. A kind of skirt stands out with shapes that play around her body and blond bob-cut hair.

David Guetta resorted to the comfortable style, an outfit worthy of being chosen for every day. With white Nike boots and gray details, he arrived with a set of cargo pants and a black long-sleeved shirt.

The artist Domiziana played with the visual effects. Dressed by Nur Hektor, she chose a long train dress, all in black and with vertical lines that opened and gave effect throughout the design. A neckline that went down over her right arm to the width of her neckline and left a lung of air under her bust.

Gorillaz and Thundercat were happy together on the red carpet. They posed for the camera as if they were one band. The Gorillaz, in general, turned to the blue color as a distinctive color while their colleagues focused on black and gold.

Harriet Hanne opted for the plaid pattern trend. Hand in hand with Brøgger, she wore a jacket and pants suit, with the same drawings but she combined the combination of grey, black and white; yellow and black; and pink and black.

Actress Marina Gregory arrived and shone. With her braids down to her waist, blue nails and silver shoes, she chose a set of top and long skirt, to which a cape stood out, in aqua green.

The renowned Spanish actor, Miguel Ángel Silvestre could not be missing on the red carpet. With a blue suit made up of a jacket and pants, shoes and a black shirt, he completed the look with dark glasses.

Muse resorted to the plurality of colors, designs and styles. Pink suits with lines that simulate graffiti, adapted batik family suits, shirts with skulls were just some of the details.

the night star

Taylor Swift, the star of the night, chose David Koma to see her on this special night. With fine heels and a black bodysuit, her dress consisted of a cape from the waist at the back and in front, a set of chains with green applied stones that extended to her ankles.

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Looks featured at the MTV EMA’s