Macky González performs sensual dance to Pato Borghetti, the host announces divorce: “It was good while it lasted” – Exa FM

The recent broadcast this Tuesday, May 17, of the morning aztec tv, Joy come, gave a lot to talk about, after macky gonzalez Y Borghetti Duck They will star in a controversial moment during the live show.

It was during the famous dance section starring Cap PerezBeat the Cap” where the former contestant Exathlon Mexico She was the guest to seek victory where she demonstrated different dance steps.

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Although the dynamic consists of giving your best on the dance floor, moments before starting, macky He revealed that he would not only show his dancing gifts, but also add a degree of complexity by combining them with some exercises.

Once the dance challenge began, both celebrities began to show their best steps, to the rhythm of regional, reggaeton and more genres, however, the competition was very close, so something else was needed to be able to choose a winner.

It was at that moment when macky decided to dance with Roger Gonzalezlater, to the rhythm of the band, was Borghetti Duck who accompanied the athlete to continue showing her best steps.

However, changed the rhythm of the music, macky relied on Duck when she made him carry her, leaving her in a very uncomfortable position for the also singer of Myst, but not everything stopped there, because once the driver held her, the former contestant of exathlon He took the opportunity to do some sit-ups.

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At the moment of seeing the awkward moment in which both celebrities were, Kristal Silva, Cynthia Rodriguez, William Valdes and more drivers sought to stop the action while everyone was shocked.

Once the section where Cap Perez Y macky gonzalez they ended in a draw, Borghetti Duck took the floor to state that her marriage to Odalys Ramirez He had finished, furthermore, that he did not hesitate to ask his companions to make a place for him in their homes.

“It’s over, it was good while it lasted, eleven years, he was a father, I had two children with her, I’m going to miss them.”

Following the words of the Argentine driver, macky gonzalez justified his action by assuring that at all times he sought to beat the Cap Perez in your section.

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Who also showed his support for the driver was blond flowerwho assured that macky He had not explained well what his move was going to be, so the other drivers assured, laughing, that the winner had been Borghetti Duck to whom they also pointed out that he would have problems at home.

On the other hand, who has not spoken about the uncomfortable moment is the driver of “On Air with Paola Rojas”, Odalys Ramirezhowever, was Kristal Silva who mentioned that the angriest could be his daughter Gia.

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Macky González performs sensual dance to Pato Borghetti, the host announces divorce: “It was good while it lasted” – Exa FM