Madonna Queen of pop an icon of fashion and music in the world

Drafting. Madonna She is still the queen of pop at 63 years old.

Her career and great success in the music industry position her as one of the most influential and powerful women in the world.

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Eccentric, controversial, irreverent, bold and above all with a big heart; that’s how it is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, born 16 august 1958 in Bay City, Michigan.

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After leaving the bands Breakfast Club and Emmy, launched in 1982 his first successful single as a solo artist: Everybody, which reached third place in popularity in the clubs of his country.

Thus began his ascending evolution until he became one of the most emblematic pop icons in the world.

Queen of pop

Every decade, every album and every song is a kind of reinvention of pop. Madonna She is also sovereign in records with her 13 discs, 10 world tours and 24 films.

It has established brands within the music industry, to the point of having twenty tickets in the guinness book, surpassed only by Paul MCCARTNEY, with 26.

She is the most successful and best-selling female solo artist of all time, with more than 300 millions of discs sold of his recorded records.

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On the other hand, madonna queen of pop She is the singer with the most number one on all the charts. Billboard, with 157; the most successful in the history of MTV Video Music Awards, with twenty.

However, it experienced the largest second-week sales drop for a No. one since the system began to operate Nielsen Sound Scan, with NDNA, in 2012.

Queen of pop

It has come to be loved and hated, with thousands of fans and detractors across the planet.

In all generations, reaching to be idolized by the community Lgbt.

In 2008, Magazine Billboard classified to madonna queen of pop at number two, behind the Beatles, at Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, making her the most successful solo artist in music history

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Madonna is known for generating controversy in each of her musical interpretations, as well as Vogue, Like a Virgin.

Too, Erotica, Confessions on a Dance Floor, Papa Don’t Preach, between many more.

How to forget the kiss that Queen of pop, Britney Spears Y Christina Aguilera exchanged during the awards ceremony MTV in 2003. This went around the world, creating even more controversy.

Queen of pop

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Talking about her exotic and strident costumes is also a very broad topic, since she was the one who imposed the style that many current artists have imitated.

At 63 years old, the diva shows a physique to which it is evident that the years have not taken their toll.

For this reason, she boasts of her curvaceous and toned figure, even showing herself in the last decade with little clothing, as in times of maximum rebellion.

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U.S ceased to be her residence, since the singer decided to move to Portugal to the palace Ramalhete, where he lives with his six children.

The heirs of madonna queen of pop are: Lourdes Leon, from twenty-one years, with the Cuban-American coach Carlos Leon, Rocco Richie from 18, with the British director Guy Ritchie.

The remaining four were adopted in Malawian: David Band Mwale Y Mercy James, Both of 12 years and the twins Esther Y Stella, from 5.

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His commitment to children Malawi I take her to create Raising Malawi in the year 2006, all with the aim of addressing the poverty and adversity that children go through in that African country.

The Material Girl She has only been married twice, but has had countless affairs, usually with men much younger than her, and even with women.

Madonna it is unique. A different woman. I asked her to marry me three times and she said no. I don’t know why, I don’t want to know the reason.”

JJean Paul Gaultier

JJean Paul Gaultier, was his muse and also his platonic love.

Madonna has always been focused on staying young and relevant, changing costumes and reinventing her sound, as well as never giving up the throne of pop.

Without hesitation, she was born to always be remembered: fashion icon, sales queen, influencer on women, empress of reinvention; that and more is Madonna.

Long live the queen of pop!

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Madonna Queen of pop an icon of fashion and music in the world