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The race of Miley Cyrus It didn’t start off on the right foot. Miley Cyrus is not to blame for being the daughter of one of the most hateful country stars that have never walked the face of the earth: Billy Ray Cyrus. A tacky guy like few others, I’m sure he’s been a great father (or not, who knows) but his music is another matter. His father is the author of that ditty that shattered our ears years ago and, what’s worse, here it came to us in the pathetic form of a version of a guy who was never heard from again and I don’t think anyone misses him. I swear I came to hate that little dance as much or more than Hitler. Let’s go back to Miley, let’s not forget that Miley’s godmother was Dolly Parton, the biggest female country star and a real silicone addict. Since she was a child, Miley was used to her spotlights since her father took her out on stage in the purest Pantoja style. Unfortunate, yes, but the girl she looked comfortable on stage, something normal coming from a family of artists. A few years later, Miley acted in the film bigfish by Tim Burton and signed a contract to star in the series Hannah Montana on DisneyChannel. You know, a comedy for teenagers: all very white, sweetened and naïve. As cloying and fake as any Disney series. So Miley became a child star. let’s not forget that ZendayaBritney Spears either Justin Timberlake They were also laboratory products from the Disney factory.

Miley was nice on screen and did not sing badly. Hannah Montana was a teen sitcom silliness but it served as a springboard for Miley. Meanwhile, the albums with the songs from the series sold like hot cakes among the teenagers of the time (who I hope have grown up and are ashamed of what they listened to as kids). But Miley was also growing up. I remember an appearance in El Hormiguero in which Pablo Motos (famous for not letting his guests talk) and her father (famous for a horrible song) barely let Miley express herself. Miley looked like a teenage goose that lays the golden eggs exploited by her elders. She poor little rich girl.

Miley could have ended up like many other child stars whose careers ended up buried by hormonal change. But fate had a couple of surprises in store for us. Here’s the first: On turning 18, Miley sets out to find her own style. Miley is extremely sexualized and appears in videos and performances in a provocative way. She is no longer an innocent child, she is a young woman fully aware of her sexuality. Miley pounced without hesitation on the throne of a Madonna who was already beginning to show signs of decline. Perhaps Miley could succeed where other hopefuls like Britney Spears either Christina Aguilera they ended up crashing. He may have over-braked but it seemed that no one from the outside was controlling his race. Miley was finally doing what she wanted. In 2013 she appeared on an Mtv awards as if she had come straight from the bathroom of the Florida 135. Her wiggling, her rubbing and that tongue unable to stay in her place made us think that everything was a pose or Miley was another broken toy that had fallen into the hands of narcotics. Something common in the lives of the rich and famous young people. Miley was still billing a mellow pop with country touches but there are clear signs that something is changing. his LP bangerz and the hit Wrecking-ball (yes, the one with the wrecking ball) show a more mature and sensitive Miley as well as wild and wanting for war.

Second surprise: Miley launches in 2015 an album with nothing more and nothing less than one of the most crazy, stoned and great groups of the last five years: The flaming lips. It seems that Miley and Wayne Coyne (leader of The flaming lips) hit it off (or like to smoke the same weed) and bill the album Miley Cyrus and her dead petz. It’s basically Miley’s freest album to date, no ties of any kind, Miley delivers an album in which she admits the miseries of being a spoiled rich girl and mourning her pet’s death. All of them wrapped in sounds of psychedelic pop and Tibetan bowls. Pure poison for the charts but perhaps the roundest album of hers thanks to the contribution of The flaming lips. From there Miley caught my attention, Miley Cyrus and her dead petz He was looking to provoke, true, already in the first cut he admits to smoking weed, but he reveals a more interesting side of Miley.

1651251468 426 Miley demands our attention Rock The Best Music His star status, surprisingly, does not wane. His initial public has grown but he retains his loyalty based on easy but unbeatable hits and country touches while gaining popularity among other audiences. For this, she collaborates with rockers of proven tradition such as billy idol either Metallica while versioning live to The Cocteau Twins, pink floyd, the velvet undergroundSinead O’Connor, Frank Sinatrablonde, Led Zeppelin, temple of the dog, The Pixies, nine inch nails either The Cure. WOW!!! The girl has good taste and she plays it to choose groups that many of her followers have not even heard of. You could say that the best of their live shows are their versions. the same sings the best Christmas carol in decades who takes her first steps as an actress and parodies herself within that serial monument that is black mirror.

In recent years Miley is already a total star. She is not Beyoncé or Adele, what’s more, her voice has become harassed (the excesses are paid even if you are a star) and there are videos on the net in which it is analyzed the dangerous evolution of his voice. But Miley resists the onslaught of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. What has made Miley great is the fact that she is not afraid of business failure. He sweats it, he has enough money to do whatever he wants. She doesn’t seem to care what the media thinks of her. If the music charts and the careers of many musicians seem to be run by an algorithm, Miley’s career seems designed by a schizophrenic. An example: Was that shot really necessary at the moment 1′:10″ of this video? well no, it was not necessary, but Miley includes it as saying: “I am free and I show you my ass whenever I want.” Pure punk attitude. Like when he doesn’t wear a shirt or underwear to perform on SNL and it keeps half the audience on edge, waiting for the double-sided tape to lose its grip. Miley always bordering on censorship.

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Aware that her strong point is live shows, Miley is now releasing her first live album: ATTENTION. And she does it with a provocative cover that I suppose will raise blisters among the right-thinking minds of the white America that saw her born. There they. And she also does it with a disconcerting advance industrial what sounds like Front 242. Once again, Miley baffles and unsettles her followers. And that makes it great. The sound of the live show is much harder and more guitar-oriented than her albums. Okay Miley, you’ve got our attention, now show us how talented you really are.

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Miley demands our attention – Rock The Best Music