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“Take my pain and turn it into gold” (‘Turn my sorrow into treasured gold’) is the phrase of Rolling in the Deep one of the most famous songs of Adele which, apparently, many female artists have taken as a mantra to climb the music rankings.

International singers like Taylor Swift, Adele, Olivia Rodrigo, Karlo G, Dua Lipa either rosaliahave taken their painful sentimental experiences and turned them into songs, videos, entire albums, and even performances that have generated millions of dollars and many hours of playback on video and music streaming platforms.

One of the most recent cases is that of Shakirawho after her separation from the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué published three songs that allude to her love situation, which have made her the center of debates on social networks and have placed her at number one in the trends in more than twenty countries including Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, the United States, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Australia, among others.

The collaboration of the singer pop colombian with the Argentine producer known as bizarre In which clear indications are made of the causes of their separation and their intention to avoid tears and focus on “billing”, the experience generated 47 million views within 24 hours of its premiere on January 11.

Data from Youtube warn that in the last 12 months, the videos of Shakira 45 years old have recorded 4.55 billion views and among the main cities that listen to it are Mexico City with 132 million views, Lima with 123 million and Bogotá with 837 million.

The race of the colombian It has generated a net worth of 300 million dollars and 125 million albums and singles sold worldwide according to the Celebrity Net Worth portal.

“She is the second most listened to Latin singer of all time after Gloria Stefan. She is the best-selling Colombian singer of all time. She has won several awards for her work, including three awards grammy13 latin grammy awardsfour MTV Video Music Awardsseven Billboard Music Awardsand a star in the Hollywood walk of fame. In 2009, Billboard included her as the best female Latin artist of the decade. She is ranked as the most streamed Latin artist on Spotify and she is one of the three female artists who has two YouTube videos that exceed two billion views, ”says the US portal.

But the Latin singer is far from being the artist with the highest income for revealing her love experiences through songs, the country singer Taylor Swift He is one of the most successful celebrities on the planet with a net worth of $400 million with sales of 200 million albums, details Celebrity Net Worth.

Adele, another of the great international celebrities who have made fortunes based on their love experiences, has a net worth of 220 million dollars. So far the interpreter of ‘Someone Like You’ has sold seven million copies of her first album and 26 million copies of her second album ’21’ worldwide.

Sour, the first studio album by the young singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo, it was released in May 2021 and reached the top of the Billboard 200 for five weeks. Among the songs on this album, ‘Drivers License’, ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘Good 4 U’ stand out, which focus on their “sour” emotions that they experience young people interacting. Currently the net worth of this American singer reaches eight million dollars.

Among the Latin singers who have also generated great fortunes from a broken heart is the Colombian Carol G. with a net worth of $25 million. His most famous song ‘Tusa’, which addresses the process of trying to overcome a betrayal of love, registers 1,390 million views on the YouTube platform.

money from tears

But you don’t have to be an internationally famous singer to capitalize on the tears that caused a “broken heart”. Anabel Acton, founder of the portal for the sale of items that people no longer want and were given away by her ex-partners, ‘Never Liked It Anyway’, shared the Forbes portal with a series of steps to take advantage of these experiences.

The first step is to be accompanied by a support network of friends and family, followed by avoiding having material memories in full view of the person with whom a painful common story was shared, laughing at past experiences is another of his advice, pampering yourself with a small gift or a detail as a sign of self-respect, giving free rein to rativity and maintaining strength in the face of bad habits complete the circle of the process of emotional repair and taking advantage of a love break, according to the businesswoman.

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Monetize a broken heart, the singers teach about it – Reporte Indigo