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MElissa Arnette Elliott, known in the art world as Missy Elliott, is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, dancer, philanthropist, and hip-hop and R&B singer; She has been in the music industry for over 20 years and has five Grammy Awards and over 20 nominations; however, her childhood was marked by trauma.

Led female hip hop album sales in the late 1990s Lauryn Hill ($7 million), Lil Kim ($4 million), and Eve ($4 million). Missy Elliott has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.

Born at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia. She is the only daughter of Patricia Elliott and Ronnie Elliot, her mother worked for an electrical company, while her father was a US Marine who worked as a shipyard welder.

At the age of four, in 1975, he wanted to be a performer, “singing and acting for his family.” Singing was part of his youth, as he grew up in a family active in his church choir.

While Missy’s father was active in the Navy, the family lived in Jacksonville, North Carolina, in a manufactured home community. Missy remembers that she was very happy during this part of her life, she liked school because of the friendships she formed even though she had little interest in homework.

She later scored above average on intelligence tests, managing to be two years ahead of her previous class. However, her grade change caused isolation, causing her to eventually return to her previous class. When her father arrived from the Marines, they returned to Virginia, where they began to live in extreme poverty.

The rapper’s life was very difficult in Virginia because her father was aggressive; she witnessed her father’s almost daily beatings against her mother. When she was eight years old, she was regularly raped by a 16-year-old cousin. The sexual abuse lasted a year, until a relative found out what was happening.

She avoided staying at her friends’ house for fear of finding her mother dead from her father’s mistreatment. In a violent incident, Ronnie Elliott dislocated one of his wife’s shoulders.

At the age of fourteen, Elliott’s mother decided to put an end to the situation, running away with her daughter under the pretense of taking a local bus trip. Missy admits that she was afraid her father would kill them both for leaving. The artist stated:

When we left, my mother realized how strong I was, and she made me feel strong. She had to get out of her house to be able to figure that out.” Missy graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth in 1990.

Free from worries about her mother’s safety, Elliott was able to fully focus on music and acting. He formed a group in 1991 called Sista, which was signed to Swing Mob Records. Unfortunately, financial problems meant that Sista’s album was not released. After the group broke up, Elliott and Ella’s friend Timbaland began writing and producing songs, including hits for Ella’s friend Aaliyah.

Although her appearance did not match the ideas of female beauty in the world of male-focused hip-hop, Elliott was given the opportunity to form her own label, The Goldmind, Inc., at Elektra Records. Her first album, Supa Dupa Fly (1997), went platinum and earned Elliott the Rolling Stone Rap Artist of the Year designation. Her next two albums also went platinum. Her 2002 album Under Construction set sales records for a female-led rap album, selling 2.1 million copies in the United States.

Elliott won two Grammy Awards in 2002, one of which was for his song “Get Ur Freak On.” He later won Grammys for the songs “Scream aka Itchin” and “Work It.” Her music video for “Lose Control” also won a Grammy Award. Along with her Grammys, Elliott has received the American Music Awards, multiple BET Awards for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and multiple MTV Video Awards for her witty and eye-catching music videos.

Though hard-working Elliott has occasionally put her personal life aside to focus on work, she takes time to enjoy the jewelry, cars, and homes that her success has given her. She is very close to her mother and her family.

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