Nicolás Sorin shared with Chubut musicians his “Antarctic Symphony”

A few days ago, in the town of Trevelin, the Grape Harvest Festival was held in Viñas de Nant y Fall. In this framework, local producers, artisans, artists, musicians and a massive public made up of locals and tourists participated in the celebration.

The event included tastings, a gastronomic offer, Celtic dances, live music, guided tours, talks and training, among other activities.

The closure was in charge of the local string ensemble Arcos al Sur and was attended by a luxury guest who left the audience surprised. It is about the musician Nicolás Sorín, the creator of the “Antarctic Symphony” that he composed in the very Esperanza Base, in the Argentine Antarctica.

Nicolás, along with local musicians, performed a fragment of his symphony and other pieces that were part of film soundtracks.

The “Antarctic Symphony” arises from an invitation that the musician receives from people related to the National Directorate of Antarctica who summon him to go to the south to write something. “I grabbed music paper, I took an octave keyboard and I started, like a painter takes a blank canvas, to try to transcribe and write, and that’s where the Antarctic Symphony was born. It was two months at the base writing the work and then I had a small mishap with my arm due to the cold and I had to abandon the work”, says the musician.

After several years, in 2018 he was summoned to conduct the orchestra at the Teatro Colón for the G20 that was held in Argentina, and in that framework he played the symphony in the first part.

As a result of this, the doors were opened for him to continue his work and in 2019 he returned to Antarctica to make the second movement, which later premiered at the CCK.

“It is a work done by lungs, which raises awareness about the environment, it is a work that has no end, I am going to write the number of movements that are necessary in order to be able to return, because Antarctica is like a thermometer of the planet, it is a sanctuary, a very fragile and very powerful place at the same time. The love I feel for Antarctica is transformed into music and the idea is a bit like that, to generate awareness, that is the story, a story that has not yet ended”, explains Nicolás.

Regarding the shared experience with the local musicians who performed part of his work, the musician was amazed to find, in these latitudes, the proposal of the string ensemble made up of people of different ages, but above all he was surprised by the enthusiasm shown by the youngest musicians of the ensemble (children between 10 and 12 years old), who rose to the occasion.

“Seeing young people, children, fills me with optimism, this does not usually happen. Here in Trevelin there is a cultural movement that is very interesting and we have to defend it”, she concludes.

About Nicholas Sorin

Nicolás Sorin is an Argentine musician and composer who was born in 1979. He began his career at the Berklee College of Music, where he studied with Bob Brookmeyer, Maria Schneider, and Vuk Kulenovic. Within a short time his music was being performed in the United States and Europe by Symphony Orchestras and Big Bands.

At the age of 21, he received the “Clarín Award” and two “Cóndor Awards” for the soundtrack of the film “Historias minimas” and “El Gato Desaparece”, as well as four nominations for the “Latin Grammy 2007, 2010 and 2013” ​​as producer.

He has worked in Europe with artists such as Shakira, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, Jovanotti and has conducted prestigious orchestras such as the “London Session Orchestra”, the Mexico Symphony Orchestra and the “Henry Mancini Orchestra” among others. He has composed the soundtrack for numerous films, including “Los Que Aman Odian”, starring Guillermo Francella and Luisana Lopilato. In 2016 he was the musical director of Miguel Bose’s MTV Unplugged.

Soul and brain of Octafonic, it positioned itself at the forefront of new emerging rock. At the head of the group he kicked the board and raised the standard of Argentine rock quality with his impeccable sound and powerful performances. All his works were consecutively nominated for the Gardel Awards (albums, singles, videos), obtaining statuettes in the categories of Best Rock Album and New Band.

At the end of 2018, Sorin was in charge of directing the 60-musician Orchestra, which at the Teatro Colón performed the Argentum suite during the G20 Musical Gala with presidents and leaders from all over the planet. The suite was composed by Sorín himself together with Gustavo Mozzi and Nicolás Guerschberg. Nico also had the pleasure of premiering at the opening of Argentum a part of his Antarctic Symphony, a work he composed 5 years ago during his stay at the Esperanza Base itself.

On May 31, 2019, he launches Laif, his solo project divided into a trilogy. That day he premiered When The Show Is Over, on June 21 Bouncing and on July 12 Little Girl, completing the first part. On August 2 he releases I Am Not a Robot, on the 23rd of the same month 325 and on September 13th Pretty. On October 4 he premieres Invisible.

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Nicolás Sorin shared with Chubut musicians his “Antarctic Symphony”