Nodal: Who is Cazzu, the Argentine with whom the singer was captured?

Christian Nodal continues to be a topic of conversation, first because of his breakup with Belinda, the hints with his former mother-in-law, recently because of his lawsuit with J Balvin where he even made a song for her and now why was caught holding hands with the reggaetonera Argentina, Cazzu.

She is an exponent of urban music in her country, consequently, achieving the internationalization of her genre, according to her record company Rimas. Now she herself is promoting her recent album “Nena Trampa”.

Cazzu, also known as “The boss of the trap”, currently cHe has more than 9.7 million followers on Instagram and is named as one of the most listened to female artists on the digital music platform Spotify, with an average of more than 5.7 million monthly listeners.

The singer has performed on major international stages in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Spain, the United States, Italy and Mexico, among others. In addition, she has participated in prominent festivals such as the Buenos Aires Trap, Lollapalooza Argentina, Urban Trap Fest, Coca Cola Flow Fest and J Balvin / Neón.

His work has been internationally recognized through different nominations for awards such as Heat Awards, Youth Awards, Tu Music Awards, MTV European Music Awards, Lo Nuestro Award and the Spotify Awards.

After the release of her album “Error 93”, which includes collaborations with artists such as Lyanno, Dalex, Rauw Alejandro, among others, the singer managed to take over the cover of the prestigious playlist “Viva Latino” on Spotify. In addition to this, Cazzu managed to sell out three consecutive concerts in record time at the Teatro Opera in Buenos Aires where she successfully presented the live show of her album “Error 93”.

Also, he managed to perform as the opening act of Bad Bunny’s “X 100PRE TOUR” tour at the Arena Ciudad De México, showing his show in front of more than 22 thousand people and opened the J Balvin concert in front of 42 thousand people in his show El Niño de Medellín.

Cazzu is internationally recognized

Cazzu closes 2021 with the release of “Punishment”. COURTESY / Rhymes

Cazzu has received great support from the media, appearing in articles for The Rolling Stone Magazine, GQ, Remix, Vice, among others and being the cover image of magazines such as Rolling Stone Arg, Billboard, Remix and Galore. , where they reaffirm their position as “La Jefa del Trap”.

His Bonus Trap (EP) has collaborations with Eladio Carrion and Myke Towers. This EP gave him the opportunity to appear on the screens of Times Square as part of the Spotify plan. Additionally, it was the cover of the famous Raplife playlist on Apple Music.

On August 28, 2020, the album “Una Niña Inútil” was released, with a team of producers from Spain and Cazzu from her home in Argentina. Following this, he launched Gatita Gangster together with Ñengo Flow, which has more than 43 M views and in less than three days and achieved more than 1.8 M views on Facebook video Premium USA. In January 2021, Cazzu premiered a song titled “Animal” with Maria Becerra, which remained in the top 10 of Spotify Argentina for several weeks. Later, he released “Dime Donde” with Justin Quiles, which already has more than 25 million views.

On August 13, 2021, he released “Sobre mi tumba”, a song that is part of the Netflix series “El Reino”, a series produced in Argentina. It was a trend on the day of its announcementwith a reach of more than 1.2 million people on Facebook and Instagram, 1.9 million impressions on Twitter and 300 thousand interactions on the three networks.

Cazzu closes 2021 with the release of “Punishment”, a song written by her and produced by Caleb Calloway and Phantom. The video clip, directed by Facundo Ballve, already has more than 4 million views and 1 million streams a month after its release by the Rimas Music label.



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Nodal: Who is Cazzu, the Argentine with whom the singer was captured?