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In 1867, the presidential decree that established the creation of the National Library was issued.

On November 30, 1867, President Benito Juárez issued the decree by which the National Library of Mexico was definitively created, naming José María Lafragua as its first official director and José María Benítez as its librarian. In January 1868 work began on the adaptation of the Temple of San Agustín, one of the most magnificent buildings in New Spain and so ad hoc to its new tasks. In 1929 the National Library ceased to depend on the Ministry of Public Education and was integrated into the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The Origin Fund is made up of documentary, bibliographic and hemerographic materials from New Spain and 19th-century libraries.

It’s International Day Against Eating Disorders

This commemoration is carried out to raise awareness about eating disorders
that affect the population, especially young people, since one in five young people is at risk of eating disorders and these disorders have become the 3rd most frequent chronic disease among young people. These disorders are characterized by a phobic fear of becoming fat or gaining weight.

In 1900, Oscar Wilde died.

Renowned Irish playwright of the Victorian era, he also stood out as a poet and writer. He studied at Magdalen College, Oxford, where he received the Newdigate Prize for Poetry, one of the most prestigious awards of its day. Among his works, his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, also The Happy Prince and the play The Importance of Being Franco. Oscar Wilde combined his university studies with different trips, in 1877 he visited Italy and Greece), meanwhile he published his first poems in various newspapers and magazines. He also traveled to the United States, where he gave a series of lectures on his theory of aesthetic philosophy, which defended the idea of ​​”art for art’s sake” and laid the foundations of what later became known as dandyism.

In 1835, Mark Twain was born.

Noted American writer, speaker, and humorist. Before dedicating himself fully to writing, he tried his hand at jobs as a printer’s assistant, even working as a boat pilot on the Mississippi River. He published successful works like The Prince and the Pauper, A Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, however he is best known for his novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

In 1912, Gordon Parks was born.

American photographer, musician, writer, and film director. He is recognized as the first African-American photojournalist to work for Life magazine, for being the director of the film The Red Nights of Harlem and for being one of those in charge of documenting the Great Depression for the office of the Farm Security Administration (FSA). He was also a pioneer at ka Farm Security Administration and fashion photography for Vogue and Glamour. His career was shaped by success and struggle, facing racism, discrimination and mistreatment due to his skin color.

In 1911, Jorge Negrete was born

A well-known singer and actor from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, he filmed more than thirty films, among which are: ¡Ay Jalisco, no te rajes!, Si Adelita se fuera con otro and Dos tipos de cuidado. He founded the Union of Film Production Workers of the Mexican Republic and, together with a select group of actors, reorganized the National Association of Actors (ANDA), where he served as its most emblematic leader. Trained in opera singing technique, he revolutionized ranchera music and made it known in Latin America.

Billy Idol was born in 1955.

A renowned English musician and songwriter, he is one of the first pop/rock artists who achieved great success in the early 1980s. His musical ability allows him to mix genres such as pop, attitude punk, and dance beats. His career began with his own band, Generation X, which he founded with Tony James at the end of 1976, where he excelled as a vocalist. He received several positive reviews from the album Billy Idol, it also entered the Billboard 200 at number 45. With his album Devil’s Playground, which went on sale in March 2005, he returns to the world of studio albums after almost 12 years without recording. He won best video from a motion picture for Cuna de Amor at the MTV Video Music Awards, and at the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards he won in the category of Most Performed Songs from Motion Pictures for Cradle of Love.

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