Olivia Rodrigo, the last great global pop phenomenon: “I have great friends who keep me grounded” – La Tercera

If there is something that Olivia Rodrigo still maintains from her time before fame, it is humility. The 19-year-old, today one of the most sought-after artists on the global scene, looks exhausted behind her red lipstick and white shirt, but still responds sympathetically and with a smile to dozens of questions from journalists from all over the world. the world, through a zoom meeting in which Cult was.

The conference is given within the framework of the launch of Drive home 2 u (a Sour film)a film where Olivia reviews the entire creative process that involved her acclaimed debut album, Sour (2021). With a trip from Salt Lake City, the city where she began to compose the songs, to Los Angeles, the production offers unpublished material that includes exclusive interviews and images of the artist, who deciphers the feelings that pushed her to compose the tracks that today all the generation of TikTok korea.

In addition, the film has a series of performances where you can see the reverted songs in video clip format. and set in the different scenarios of the American route. From the performance of Brutal in an abandoned plane, until the presentation of Hope ur ok on Californian beaches, Olivia Rodrigo turns the film into a kind of intimate concert. According to her she says, it is made for those fans who have not been able to attend her performances.

-What was the most difficult and what is your favorite part of the film?

My favorite part was being able to see the tapes where Dan, my producer, and I are recording. Sour in the study. There is a part where we are writing Brutal, which is one of my favorite songs, and it’s really nice to watch it go from its early stages to how different it is today. I don’t know if there was a very difficult part, however, while we did the whole car trip I felt a little nostalgic.

Originally from Murrieta, California, Olivia began a close relationship with art at a very young age. She took singing classes in kindergarten and piano, she signed up for her first acting lessons at the age of six, and at twelve she already handled the guitar. Although she worked on Disney series, such as Bizaardvark or High School Musicalhis claim to fame came with his first single, Drivers license, released on January 8, 2021.

The single was well received by critics, it was even highlighted by Rolling Stone magazine, which at that time named it the best song of the year. The series of songs that followed that release were only the prelude to the success that the album would have. Sourcomposed by Rodrigo in the middle of a break with which it is speculated could be the actor Joshua Bassett.

There are so many different colors in the spectrum of human emotions that deserve to be captured in music and I am very excited to do that in my next work”, she says when asked about the inspiration for her album.

Since then, the artist has been awarded with important prizes in the music industry, such as the Brit Award that she won for International Song of the Year, or the three MTV Video Music Awards that she won in the categories of Best New Artist, Song of the Year and Presentation. of the year. She is currently waiting for the Grammy Awards, scheduled for April 3, where she is in seven categories.

How have you handled all the pressure of being famous from such a young age?

I think I have amazing parents who don’t push me to do things in the entertainment industry at all and love me unconditionally. That’s been really nice to have in the midst of all the craziness that’s been this year. I also believe that I have great friends who are super honest with me and keep me grounded, to continue being as I have always been.

Olivia Rodrigo is currently preparing her tour of North America and Europe. Although there are still no lights of visits to Latin America, in the meantime you can enjoy the documentary film Driving home 2 u (a Sour film)available on the Disney + platform.

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Olivia Rodrigo, the last great global pop phenomenon: “I have great friends who keep me grounded” – La Tercera