OPINION | Britney Spears posted a full frontal nude on Instagram: good for her

Britney Spears is undoubtedly embracing her status as a free woman. The star was officially released from the tutelage of her father Jamie in November, bringing her back control of her personal and financial independence for the first time since 2008, and since then she has been full of energy and positivity, at least in her years. social networks.

Take a look at Britney’s Instagram is immersing yourself in a dizzying kaleidoscope of tearful gratitude for good food, spontaneous dances to the rhythm of Madonna, raw honesty when they hurt her online comments, and a effusive tribute to her first high-waisted bikini (unjustified, but let’s play along). It’s a trip, basically. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Britney does not disappoint.

And now, a nude. While Instagram does not allow posts that show nudity, and has previously removed provocative photos of stars like Madonna, Britney, my new favorite, was shown in nothing but a white lace choker and white knee-high socks, in front of a mirror, with his arm across her breasts.

To somehow protect her privacy, the star added a pink heart emoji between her legs and a flower to cover her nipple (Instagram is particularly strict about nipples, in accordance with its policy on nudity, something that has been the subject of debate for a long time and has led to the hashtag #freethenipple). She appropriately captioned the photo with: “The energy of a free woman has never felt better.”

It’s not the first time the singer has made this kind of bold move: In the summer of 2021, he shared a series of censored nude photos during the court battle for his guardianship. Some fans have questioned how well Britney was doing at the time, suggesting that the stress of the case could have had emotional consequences, a totally valid concern, as we all want Britney to be free. Y happy.

However, if we take his posts at face value, there is something sinister about the reaction to his behavior that seems to outweigh any genuine concern for his well-being. I would risk saying that the attack on social networks against Britney for sharing photos of her body does not have much to do with who is her, but with what people expect of women her age.

Maybe that’s why Britney disabled the comments on her post; Maybe that’s why many of us do the same: because being a woman on the internet can be completely ruthless.

It’s classic, right? People tear Britney apart for going outside the bounds of what they expect of her given the kind of social standards that are demanded of women all the time. A discriminatory vision by age, where they exist.

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But Britney is 40, not 80, and she has an absolutely incredible body, no matter what we think of people who “show it all” on social media. For some, it can be very empowering. Also, don’t forget that she looks like this Y She is the mother of two teenage children. Britney, I applaud you.

Madonna, who is 63 years old (but looks 30 years younger), got the same backlash when she posted photos (already deleted) of her on Instagram wearing fishnet stockings and squirming, Boticelli-style, on top of a bed, and then again when she strutted down the runway at the MTV Video Music Awards in September of last year, a play that, in my opinion, proved her butt deserves an award in itself.

It’s the ultimate irony: from the moment teenage girls are old enough to be considered “fair game,” we tell women they “must” be sexy. (And who can forget the sexualization of schoolgirl uniforms and Britney’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video). Then we send them to cover up when they have the confidence to show it. We shame them for looking “like p *** s”, we tell them they are “too old” to look good, or we assume they must be doing something very wrong. As a woman, you just can’t win.

A recent Twitter thread made me pause, and I even sent it to my friends. He asked, “Would you rather be 25 or 45 for the rest of your life?” The comments piled up overwhelmingly in favor of being older.

I’m not 45 years old, so I can’t comment, but Yes I’m 40, the same age as Britney. And while I’m not posting nudity to Instagram, I fully support anyone who chooses to do so.


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OPINION | Britney Spears posted a full frontal nude on Instagram: good for her