Paulo Londra’s announcement: ready for the return, he is recording new songs

Paulo Londra had to put a parenthesis in his career in 2020, something that coincided with the coronavirus pandemic but not with the moment of Cordoba. He had just presented his debut album, he had been one of the most popular at Lollapalooza 2019, he was at a great moment in his career and everything stopped. He came from filling stadiums, even in other countries, from being nominated for best new artist at the Grammy Awards, from making a collaboration with Ed Sheeran (“Nothing On You”)… and a legal conflict forced him to move away from the music. after achieving that the courts rule in their favour, the lion moved again. As LA NACION learned, the return of the 23-year-old Cordovan is a fact, he is making new songs and there will be more news soon.

Months ago, the news circulated that Paul London had finally managed to disassociate itself from Big Leagues, the production company headed by Cristian Salazar (Kristo) and Daniel Oviedo (Ovy On The Drums). Together they had faced a project that Londra decided to abandon after feeling pushed to sign leonine contracts.

The announcement of the return of the lion

It all started in Colombia, in 2017. At the age of 19, Londra trusted her new partners, the Puerto Rican Kristo and the Colombian Daniel Oviedo. But a year later he became a kind of contractual hostage of the producers. He denounced that he was trickily led to sign contracts and then received pressure not to abandon the work system to which he had been induced.

The conflict broke out when he decided to put an end (orally) to the relationship with his partners. But this prevented him from continuing to work independently. In the summer of 2020, a kind of solidarity network with the singer began to take shape. Even Duki came to his defense with some comments. This went on for months. The #FreePaulo spread and many artists expressed their support.

Even Ed Sheeran supported him during an interview with mtv. “He is a human being with such a good heart. The first time I met him, the energy of him and the aura of him gave so much love. Sometimes I meet artists and the relationship is kind of cold. I really like him, I really like him. I only think about how bad this is -he said regarding the differences between the ragman and the producer- How are you going to attack this boy’s talent? In fact, I recently spoke with J Balvin in depth about this. So whoever is responsible has to change this,” he said.

Last September Judge William Thomas ruled that the clause tying Londra to the Big Leagues had expired on February 20, 2021.”Even if the relevant contract language supported the interpretation offered by the Big Leagues (which it clearly does not) , could not be applied because it would constitute an illegal restriction on trade and would lead to absurd results”, according to information published by Billboard. The magistrate gave the lawyers for Kristo and Ovy On The Drums some more time. He granted them an “emergency motion to review the denial of the stay of the order determining possession of the property, placing a temporary stay on the verdict pending further review.” Finally the ruling was in favor of Cordoba.

“It all started when I was finally able to make myself known in Argentina, thanks to visiting places and competitions, and being able to win something that I dreamed of “dog-fighting”. I got to drop the Relax theme, I saw what people were cheering me on and I was turned on. I decided to leave Argentina and the talent originated from freestyle battles at the top; I kept uploading songs alone and even J Balvin was surprised by my song “Full Moon”.

Then a youtuber contacted me and told me that she wanted to introduce me to Kristo (Cristian Salazar) and Ovy (Daniel Oviedo), who was nominated for me as one of the best Latin producers, and it’s not to detract or anything but he didn’t surpass the 5 thousand followers, and to be honest I did not know him, I was still surprised with all the future projects that the two of them (Ovy and K) told me about. And I trusted them, I rejected other contracts because they said they were not the best for me. I was excited, I thought that all the best was yet to come. I told them to call ourselves “Big Leagues”, because we are going to grow so independently that they are going to admire us. I made music like crazy; At 19 I went to Colombia for months and recorded non-stop. I could do up to 6 songs per day, all thanks to this freestyle discipline. I wanted my first song to be “Condemned for the million” so they know what I’m capable of.

One of the many days where he slept in Ovy’s room, which was where we recorded, Kristo said that the next day we would have to make a video where we show ourselves as a strong team. Even more was my trust in them, always shouting “Big Leagues” and Kristo and Ovy in all my songs because they asked me to do it. The next day, Kristo came with some photocopies, an expensive pen and a filmmaker, and he told me that we were going to make a video to upload to the networks and then he made us turn on our backs and He told me to sign some photocopies while they filmed us, I thought it was a simple video and I never thought that it was a contract which they enforce in such a deceitful way.

After making the video they told me to look at the sheets and that tomorrow we were going to have a talk with the lawyers Stephanie Chopurian and Matt Greenberg and myself, only in Colombia. Without any true friends, he didn’t understand what he had done. That night Ovy, who had earned my trust like no one else, told me that what I had signed was worth nothing, if I was dissatisfied, that paper could be torn up or revised at any time, and in the way he told me and in the context that was, I can only believe him.

The next day, Stephanie Chopurian and Matt Greenberg showed up by video call and explained to me about numbers that I never understood and about a contract that is difficult to understand even for a lawyer. The explanation was so short that it only lasted half an hour, I could not and did not want to accept that they had made me sign something without seeing it, without a lawyer by my side, and without the possibility of analyzing it with someone close to me.

I returned home saying that I had signed a contract which months later they sent a copy. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone by showing my fears and disagreements and I just went on and on and as always pulled the best rhymes out of me to make it clear that I can.

I was successful with “Condemned for the million”, with “Nena maldición”, with “Dímelo”, with “Paranormal Girl”, etc… Until I did “Adam and Eve”. And they told me that the best thing was to make a deal with a label with such a song. I thought it would be breaking with what we were doing which was being independent. The song was released and over time they told me about an album offer. I was also hesitant… I wasn’t sure I would accept but I remember being in Mexico, hours away from my first show there, and Kristo calling me on the phone telling me there were going to be complications if we didn’t accept the album with Warner Music. That time my patience broke, they had said that we were going to modify the terms of our agreement for which I did not agree. That didn’t happen and they wanted me to sign a new agreement.

It didn’t take long for Matt Greenberg to send an intimidating letter to me and my father (a lawyer who was supposedly watching over me), where he showed us the true face of the contract I signed with Ovy and Kristo, where he wasn’t a real partner/artist. Matt Greenberg’s letter said that I could be harmed by anything that makes the company lose, and that I should sign if I couldn’t have serious financial consequences. At that moment I realized that we were not a team. And again I can only bow my head for the threat made to me, supposedly by my own lawyer Matt Greenberg, and accept whatever deal is made with Warner. I delivered songs and videos on time, and then Ovy telling me how much authorship we would give to Kristo, and me not understanding why author a song that I wrote and Ovy did the music.

I was already tired, I felt cheated by two who always plotted so that my opinion doesn’t count, and I had to ask for help. Not even on the song with Ed Sheeran did I get corresponding authorship points. Kristo and Ovy added points to this song, since they didn’t do the beat or my lyrics. All they wanted was to be in between Ed Sheeran’s approach to me to block me and boost his own careers.

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Paulo Londra’s announcement: ready for the return, he is recording new songs