Queen Elizabeth II and Bad Bunny, among the most stylish people of 2022: New York Times

Because 2022 is coming to an end, The New York Times, the famous American newspaperprepared a list of the 93 most stylish people this year and the list is very diverse, ranging from the singer Bad Bunny, the late Queen Elizabeth II, Harry Styles, Brad Pitt, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Zendaya, Emma Corrinamong other celebrities such as the singer Rosalía and the actor Timothée Chalamet, are some of those who appear.

The newspaper described, tall and short, funny and serious, curious and open-minded. Delighting with the characters. Appreciate the material world. Inviting everyone to the party. These are all ways in which The Times Styles section defines its approach to who and what it covers.. Equal parts stylish, the “people” on this list featured include politicians, celebrities, athletes, influencers and fictional characters from the TV and the cinema, but in Glam Star we choose from those who have written.

The newspaper invites us to love them or hate them, they all have at least one thing in common that are disruptive, elegant or set a trend. And they gave to talk about how we dress, how we live and how we choose to express ourselves. Here we leave you some characters that the medium included.

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From the moment she revealed her pregnancy via a non-accidental “accidental” photo shoot, her growing belly, in all its bare, distended glory, was impossible to ignore.

Bad Bunny

The Puerto Rican reggaetonero subverted gender norms by wearing a Burberry trench dress to his first Met Gala, then made an even stronger statement when he kissed a dancer onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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Emma Corrin

The actress, who became the first non-binary person to cover Vogue this year, has wowed red carpet viewers by dressing both elegant in a black Miu Miu leotard and cape at the Toronto International Film Festival and extravagant at a Loewe balloon dress at the Olivier Awards.

Timothée Chalamet

His foreplay—going shirtless at the Oscars and backless in a red tank top at the Venice Film Festival—wasn’t camp, it was cool.

Queen isabel II

The monarch for her hats. Her hair. the handbags For 70 years, Elizabeth II was not just the queen, but the defining image of a sovereign, who was well loved by her people and even to this day the British, allow the entire royal family to be touched, but not Elizabeth .


Thanks to the singer, chewing gum has become the coolest oral fixation. But not only that, the colorful nails, the golden tooth, the braids and the bright red clothes. Many of her detractors will say that it is not elegant at all, but Rosalía triumphs and it is thanks to her talent.


Though her public appearances were rare, the singer’s “Rebirth” album art, “I’m That Girl” video teaser, and advertisements for Tiffany & Company provided plenty of eye candy.


From the classic Balmain at the NAACP Image Awards to channeling Audrey Hepburn in Valentino at the Emmys, the actress owned every red carpet she stepped on.

Brad Pitt

No one has ever looked so good playing dead on the cover of GQ. The actor is undoubtedly remembered in the 90s as one of the most iconic actors and although he was in some scandals, I realized the reason why he is a comedian.

harry syles

The most memorable element of “Harry’s House”? The sequined jumpsuits in Harry’s tour wardrobe. Who is going to forget this outfit that is undoubtedly dissident and a great step in the world of fashion.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Bad Bunny, among the most stylish people of 2022: New York Times