Remove the Trap…: Gonzalo Flores

Gonzalo Flores/Infrasound

For several years, the awards and nominations for awards such as Latin Grammy or MTV respond very little to musical quality and are more based on massive listening, impact and the number of reproductions on digital platforms.

The fact that Bad Bunny is the most nominated artist for the Latin Grammy 2022 or that he has obtained the award for Best Artist of the Year for the Video Music Awards of the MTV network should no longer be a reference. Although we do not deny his media impact, his nominations or awards should not be taken as absolute criteria. What is heard the most is not necessarily the best recorded or the best composed.

The music, in these genres, is not about music per se. It is about the needs of the record companies to maintain hegemony, sales and reproductions; it is about taking advantage of the superficiality of consumption to promote and emulate lifestyles; it is about taking to the top a portrait of the role model, about how to party, about what to have, and that is far from musical.

Three days after the release of Molotov’s new song, titled ‘Quiten el Trap’, two million 97 thousand 60 views of the video had been accumulated on YouTube and the account continued to increase.

Randy, Tito, Mickey and Paco have returned to the eye of the hurricane. Always irreverent, always controversial, Molotov has raised eyebrows with his new song. Criticism for generating a criticism of trap, the fundamental basis of reggaeton. Many have taken it well and many others badly. Commenting on networks has also become a constant and it’s fine. What is not right is that [email protected] they want to impose truths that fall, mainly, on particular tastes.

Everyone will know what they hear. Everyone will know why they listen to it.

“That if I sing in that microphone, that if he gives me a like/ That if it is because we sold ourselves, Mike made us the sound/ That now you yourselves are already lonely/ You even have disco songs to play everywhere” , is part of the opening song.

By the way, among the premieres, a new song by The Smashing Pumpkins entitled “Beguiled” is now available. Billy Corgan and company, with this song, present the advance of what will be a new album that will be titled “Atum”, a rock opera of 33 songs (yes, 33) that will be divided into three acts and that will be a continuation of the albums ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’ from 1995 and ‘Machina/The Machines of God’ from 2000.

Without a doubt, a sign that there are bands that always seek to give a plus to their followers.

Each act of “Atum” will be published every 11 weeks. The first will be out on November 15. The second one around January 31st will end with the last act ending on April 21st. In addition, from that date a special edition will be published with the 33 songs and which will have 10 additional songs.

For this week’s agenda, on Friday, September 30, Nortec: Bostich + Fussible will be presented at Sala Arpa, an event that will begin at 8:00 p.m. A concert that, a part of the box office percentage, will go to the actions that Reef Aquaculture Conservancy carries out in favor of the oceans.

At a national level, the agenda presents the Rammstein concert at the Foro Sol with three nights totally sold out. This will undoubtedly be one of the best concerts to be held in 2022 due to the size of the infrastructure and production that the Germans will present as part of their stadium tour, which had been postponed for two years due to the pandemic.

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Remove the Trap…: Gonzalo Flores