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Rihanna, who opened the MTV awards ceremony with a “medley” between ‘Cockiness’ and ‘We Found Love’, has also won the video of the year award for the latter song. It has been a distributed night, as Nicki Minaj and Drake have also won their award. One Direction have won the awards for best pop artist and best new artist, leaving Frank Ocean with nothing, who performed live at the ‘Thinking Bout You’ ceremony only accompanied by a guitar. As usual, JENESAISPOP commented on the ceremony live.

2.30 The replacement Chanante is nipped in the bud to make way for the ceremony.

2.31 Rihanna kicks off the gala with a very clear tribute to Madonna’s ‘Sticky & Sweet’ tour, spread-eagled on a queen’s throne.

2.32 The song playing is ‘Cockiness’ and A$AP Rocky has taken advantage of his featuring to rub Rihanna’s ass. What every neighbor’s son would do except Chris Martin.

2.33 We slammed into ‘We Found Love’ singing the song amongst the crowd. How flat.

2.35 Are you done yet, Rihanna? Wouldn’t an extended version of ‘We Found Love’ have been better to create more of a high? Oh, the slavery of television rhythms…

2.40 Well, it’s going to be that we’re late, because Calvin Harris is thanking an award on Twitter while in Spain we thought he was on stage DJing for Rihanna.

2.43 This speech by Kevin Hart about Britney and Madonna’s kiss, and Frank Ocean’s coming out of the closet couldn’t have been fairer…

2.45 Well, let’s try to enjoy the ceremony without spoilers. One Direction snatch the best pop video from Justin Bieber. We do not want to imagine how the chain’s website has burned down by expanding bandwidth to accommodate the votes of the fans of both. It has been presented by Katy Perry, who has said that she has never won in this category.

2.48 Judging by the screams of the crazy women every time the name of “One Direction” comes up, we intuit that Frank Ocean is not going to win “best new artist”. But alas! what would these awards be without the screams of the fans?

2.57 P!nk, as stupid as that year when she jumped out of a window through a rope also at an MTV awards, like Jane from the jungle, has flown over the public with a low level of security. The song that plays, after an intro, is ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, her new single, and for this her dancers have dressed up as giant mouths. All of this, all of the above, in panties.

3.01 Chris Brown wins best male video for ‘Turn Up The Music’ and picks it up with a gorgeous dye. How happy Drake must be, who was also nominated. And the fans of Justin Bieber? Is it that the internet has been taken away from them in recent months?

3.11 Frank Ocean, our most anticipated performance of the night, has performed ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’. Accompanied only by an electric guitar plucking, he couldn’t have sounded more minimalist. Visually, not so much: various ‘More Than Words’ type bonfires. Katy Perry didn’t look like she was particularly into it. We assume there will be GIFs.

3.15 In less than an hour, there are already those who have uploaded Rihanna’s performance to Youtube and there are already those who have deleted it. check it out. We require these very efficient people (both) for our ranks.

3.16 What a pain in the ass Green Day video we’re swallowing at the break. We want ‘Kill the DJ’, thanks.

3.20 Disconnect when presenters try to be funny.

3.21 After the success of Rihanna and Katy Perry’s gif, they have sat them together again. Drake ft Lil Wayne, best hip-hop video. Nicki Minaj, who has lost, has come up with them. She doesn’t care about eight than eighty… Total, she’s had more than 40 “featurings” in 2 years. She doesn’t even know what song she’s in anymore, or she thinks she’s in all of them.

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3.26 As they show us an entire video at each break, we don’t even go to bed at 6. Will the delay increase? Really!

3.28 We’re finally going to hear a One Direction song that isn’t ‘Wonderwall’!

3.30 Katy Perry liked this more than Frank Ocean and she sang this song called ‘One Thing’ in Rihanna’s ear. Will Rihanna like Katy’s voice?

3.31 Notice: One Direction is NOT cool.

3.32 Katy Perry does not stop giving the ember to Rihanna.

3.33 We want an MTV gala with Lady Gaga sitting next to Madonna!

3.34 Nicki Minaj has won the award for best female video with that thing called ‘Starships’. The woman, all hips (well, a bit of a blonde bob today, too), seems genuinely surprised, though not as shocked as Rihanna. Katy Perry, who like her has also lost, has known how to hide better.

3.37 Now, a video of P!nk at the break. We are watching more videos on MTV today than in the last 12 months.

3.40 Lady Gaga has written on Twitter that she feels like a virgin teenager watching the awards on TV. Also, if MIA doesn’t win, he fears for “the future of pop culture.” Rihanna and Katy Perry are nominated. Also Gotye and Drake.

3.44 Lil Wayne has tried to create tension with his new song ‘No Worries’, accompanied by 2 Chainz, and with pleasure to throw himself on the ground, but… meh. A little 2004 everything, where are Passion Pit?

3.46 Who is that guy who is always with Katy Perry and Rihanna? We need our former editor Potato to explain it to us.

3.55 Green Day don’t dare with ‘Kill The DJ’ and prefer not to take risks with ‘Oh Love’. A big BOOO. In the presentation, they have said that they are the second that have acted the most in some MTV awards after Madonna. Lady Gaga swallows hard.

3.59 Has this past photo been a tribute to Adam Yauch? Let’s see, WHAT BEASTIE BOYS WERE MTV!!

4.05 An exclusive clip of ‘Twilight’. Wow…

4.07 One Direction win the revelation award. Frank Ocean, no. Deliver Ke$ha…

4.08 Missing like some fun. or a Carly Rae Japsen acting, right? We’re not asking for Saint Etienne or Hot Chip, but a bit of current hits, right?

4.18 Weak performance by Alicia Keys with ‘Girl’s On Fire’, observed by husband and son. Not even Nicki Minaj and her discreet rapping have managed to encourage too much. Will Alicia ever return to the awards after this rudeness?

4.23 It would be cool if One Direction were more like The Wanted. More cod, guys.

4.26 ‘We Found Love’, Rihanna’s video of the year. Very good video (sorry, MIA), whatever Lady Gaga says… Calvin Harris, DJ in the intermissions, very happy. Rihanna thanks her entire team. “I love you all”. Zzzzz.

4.30 Taylor Swift closes the gala with the ultrahit ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’. The singer evidently wants to leave her country roots behind to become a pop star. The dancing show, not quite as charmingly retro as it could have been, but there it is.

4.33 Through the MTV website we discovered some of the winners not broadcast on television:

Best Rock Video: Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’
Best Video with a Message: ‘Skyscraper’ by Demi Lovato
Best Dance Video: ‘Feel So Close’ by Calvin Harris

4.40 It seems that to confirm who won in the artistic categories we will have to wait until tomorrow.

Photo: MTV Press.

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Rihanna, Video of the Year at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards – jenesaispop.com