Rock bands from Guadalajara

The rock bands They have a popular criterion in the Spanish language, so it is common to use this name for musical groups that perform songs that belong to the rock genre.

Naturally, a rock band is made up of five memberswhich according to the style of music, can be composed of acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums and sometimes wind instruments, such as a saxophone or even keyboards.

Jalisco is not far behind with the emerging rock artistssince in the state there have emerged musicians who are born from the Pearl Tapatia and they have managed to stand on the stages and delight the public on various occasions.

Rock bands from Guadalajara


It is a band that started playing in 1989 and was created by the Cuban musician and painter José Fors, his best known song is “El Son del Dolor”. His first studio album called Invasion of the Blastids achieved success due to its lyrics and their blasphemous style, since this type of music was not common in Mexico at that time.

The band dissolved in 1999 for unknown reasons, however, five years later they reunited to perform various concerts in La Concha Acústica of the Agua Azul Park in Guadalajara. To date, the group continues to make music and the members are made up of José Fors on vocals, Ignacio González on drums, Alex Otaola on guitar and Carlos Avilez on bass.


Since 1986, Maná is a band that has sold over 40 million records in the world, as well as having won four Grammy Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, among other recognitions. The musical style is a mixture of soft rock, progressive rockLatin pop, ballads, among others.

Currently, the band is made up of Fernando Olvera on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Juan Calleros on bass, Sergio Vallín on guitar and backing vocals, and Alex González on drums, vocals, backing vocals and percussion.


With popular songs like Pajaros, Huitzil, Cuervos, La China, Rincón Yucateco, among others, Porter is a rock band that was formed in Guadalajara in 2004, and is considered one of the most important groups of the first decade of the 21st century. In 2008, the members temporarily disbanded, however, they returned in 2012, and performed at the Vive Latino Festival in 2013.

The first lineup of the band featured Fernando de la Huerta on guitar, Diego Rangel on bass, programming and synthesizers, Juan Carlos on vocals, Juan Pablo on drums and Víctor Valverde on guitar and keyboard. In 2014 a new vocalist, David Velasco, was announced.


This is a jazz rock band who started playing in 2004and in addition to offering concerts to promote their music, they also have a program for children, since they are lecturers and workshops who compose to order and frequently provide social service in their community.

Made up of Frankie Miers, Samo González and Christian Jiménez, Troker has toured Mexico, performing in more than 60 percent of the stadiumswhile his international success began in 2010, after the release of his studio album The King of the Roadso they stepped on land American, Colombian, Greek and Costa Rican.


It is a band of Rock And Roll who began playing in 1999 in Guadalajara, and since then they have performed concerts in which they have alternated with international and national bands. his debut album …and if I had a label It was recorded independently in mid-2004at Remi studios.

The band is made up of brothers Alejandro and Pedro Mendoza on guitars, and Gustavo and Hugo Muñoz on bass and drums.


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Rock bands from Guadalajara