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Despite the pandemic, 2021 has been a year of tours, nominations, awards and new projects in music and audiovisual for Sebastian Yatra.

After completing an intense tour of the United States next to Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, the Colombian artist took a few minutes to share the details of his most recent projects.

“I don’t feel like I’m lacking anything, and I prefer to focus more on everything that is happening, which is incredible. I feel full and grateful with every opportunity ”, said the artist in a virtual meeting with the Latin American media.

Red high heels is the title of her latest single that was published with a video starring the Spanish actress Clara Galle, filmed at the Fernan Nuñez Palace in Madrid and co-directed by Yatra himself together with Daniel Durán.

“I always get a lot of inspiration from names and surnames to make my songs and Red Heels is no exception,” he says about a song that he perceives as timeless. “It’s always nice that there is a ray of light that comes through the window and pulls you up and I think it’s nice to dedicate this song to that feeling.”

Since its release, the theme ranked number one on national radios for two consecutive weeks. “I cannot be more grateful to Ecuador for what they have done with my music throughout these years,” he said with the promise of visit Ecuador during his next tour that he prepares for 2022.

This year, the 27-year-old artist collected awards at the MTV Europe Music Award, as well as Los 40 Music Awards, Kid’s Choice Awards Mexico and others. Still embarked on the tour with Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, his absence was noted at the award ceremony of the Latin Grammy, in which he reached his eighth nomination with the song Adiós.

In the event in which he could be present was at the premiere of the new Disney film set in a magical town in Colombia entitled ‘Charm’. In this production, Yatra was invited by the director and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda to interpret one of the musical themes of the film called Two little caterpillars.

“I never got so excited to the point that I lost control a little and I started crying with joy like a little child,” said the artist about the feelings caused by the film that will hit theaters on November 25.

This film joins a list of projects with which he seems to be establishing himself in acting. In 2018 he lent his voice to the Yeti called Migo in the Spanish dubbing of the tape ‘Small foot’ and the following year he voiced the character of Jesper in ‘Klaus’.

From voice acting, Yatra will take action in the first Netflix musical series in Spain ‘Once upon a time … but not anymore’, which is scheduled to premiere next year.

“If I had not been a musician I would have dedicated myself to acting surely. The performance generates a lot of emotion in me. When I found out that there was going to be a movie inspired by Colombia, I was very excited and had that dream of being able to be part of it and I am grateful that they called me. I have a couple of other projects out there related to acting and I hope to do my best so that you can also enjoy it ”, said the artist about his expectations in the audiovisual.

With a new album en route, Yatra is experiencing one of the best years of her career in which she has shown creative versatility, while testing her talent in other areas of entertainment.

“It is important to find that joy in it and not lose the inner child, no matter how much time passes, you always have to keep doing things that excite me and make me smile. It’s eight years of many shows and I always hope I have the inspiration to make good music and that people connect with it. My main goal is every day to be my best version and enjoy success being a good person who works hard for what he dreams of, “he said.

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Sebastián Yatra lives a year of achievements in music and cinema – El Comercio