Seer predicts that Bad Bunny’s death will be tragic, did he announce the date?

Bad Bunny has achieved impressive recognition worldwide. Today, the Puerto Rican is the most listened to artist on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Deezer, and recently received the award for best artist of the year in the Video Music Awards (VMA) of MTV, managing to be the first singer who does not speak English to receive said award.

Benito Antonio Martínez, the real name of the artist, has shown how big his fame has been. The portal Celebrity Net Worth He assures that the Puerto Rican’s fortune amounts to 18 million dollars and was obtained in a short time: “In 2020, Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist in the world and his songs were streamed a total of 8 billion times. His music is often classified as ‘Latin rap’ or reggaeton, although he has also dabbled in sub-genres such as rock, bachata and soul. Bad Bunny is known for his slurred vocal delivery style and unique sense of style.”

The fateful prediction of a seer about the death of Bad Bunny

Talking about seers becomes a controversial topic; in some moments they have been right in the deaths of important celebrities in the world, but they have also failed with their affirmations.

One of the best known figures in this medium is called Mhoni. The seer has gained popularity through her talent with astrology for having been successful in several of her predictions.

Now, Mhoni is in the middle of the hurricane for a controversial prediction about Bad Bunny’s life or, more specifically, about his death. Many followers of the seer’s pronouncements remember an important announcement that she made in 2020 and was alluding to the life of the singer Bad Bunny.

According to the woman expert in the art of divination, the interpreter of songs like I behave pretty, Quiet, Tití asked me Y After the beach I would die young. Mhoni assures that Bad Bunny, an artist who is currently 28 years old, will die in a car accident in his native country, Puerto Rico.

“The angel of death will pose on the island of enchantment and will take the life of the star,” the seer specifically said a little less than two years ago.

Mhoni also predicts that catastrophes are coming to Earth

On her YouTube channel, the woman read the cards to find out what is coming in the remainder of 2022. Among her predictions, the future does not seem encouraging at all. At first, she was one of those who assured that a member of the royal family was in danger and, precisely, on September 8, Queen Elizabeth II died. In addition, the monarch was in danger from an intruder in her house a few months ago.

Another of the characters that could be at risk is the president of Mexico, Miguel Ángel López Obrador, since “The Devil’s card will dominate Mexico. The president will have to take care of his health and will have to take care of his back, due to the fact that there are people who do not want him in power and no longer want to follow him, ”said the Cuban seer.

In addition, he predicted catastrophes, such as the eruption of two volcanoes, one in Asia and the other in Latin America. “It will leave Asia for the whole world, that volcano will be a complete trigger in all situations”, mentioned. Additionally, assured that earthquakes, tsunamis, solar storms, droughts and even meteorites will come.

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Seer predicts that Bad Bunny’s death will be tragic, did he announce the date?