Selena Gomez turns 30: 30 milestones of the former Disney girl who became pop culture

Selena Gomez debuts decade. Oddly enough, that girl we met on the Disney Channel three decades ago is now one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The artist has carved out a prestigious career as an actress and singer, proving to have a vision when it comes to accepting projects. And she doesn’t miss us! This luck has not come by magic, but she has worked for it.

When you’ve been in an industry as toxic as Hollywood since you were a child, you have to learn quickly and take advantage of your status to change things. Selena knows this well and for a few years she has also been the executive producer of her projects.

Although Selena Gomez is an artist full of talent, the media has talked more about her private life. Since she was a teenager, Selena has dealt with the tabloids. Without a doubt, the chapter of her private life that was most in the media was her relationship of comings and goings with Justin Bieber. A true soap opera of more than seven years that ended in a wedding. It was not theirs, but his with the model Hailey Baldwin. But Selena had gotten rid of a good one. And it is that, as she recognized in her theme Lose You To Love Me, she had finally found herself.

The life of Selena Gomez, being persecuted by the media since she was just a girl, gives for a movie. What do I say! Gives for a complete saga.

To celebrate her 30th birthday, at LOS40 we want to remember 30 achievements that the actress and singer has achieved over all these years.

1.He appeared in Barney and Friends

Let’s start with Selena’s origins in the world of television. At just ten years old, she began her career as an actress on the children’s series Barney and Friends. Yeah, the purple dinosaur show that was a little scary. Selena had a secondary role, but her charisma fell in love with the public.

2. Disney Girl

In 2006 he began his relationship with Disney Chanel. Selena started out having supporting roles in shows like Zack and Cody Y Hannah Montana. But it wasn’t until 2007 that he got his big break.

3. Star of Wizards of Waverly Place

In 2007 came the role that catapulted her to fame and with which she reached the hearts of a whole generation of boys and girls. Alex Russo’s. Selena got into the skin of a teenage witch who, along with her brothers, got into all kinds of trouble. The series became one of the network’s biggest hits. In fact, it even won the Emmy Award for best children’s series in 2009. Not bad!

4. Voice of various characters

Selena also has experience as a voice actress. The American can boast of having inspired several animated characters that have ended up having her voice. Although we have heard her in the original version of the movie Arthur, the character associated with her since 2012 is that of Mavis in Hotel Transylvania. A saga that is already in its fourth film.

5. He broke with that childish facet

It was in 2012 when a 19-year-old Selena Gomez decided to break up with Disney. She did it in a radical way: starring in a dramatic comedy about a group of girls who rob a supermarket to get money for spring break. Bikinis, guns and racy scenes made Spring Breakers a cult movie. And from Selena Gomez a former Disney girl.

6. He succeeded with his group Selena & The Scene

During her time at Disney, Selena Gomez began a promising career as a pop star. As Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens already did, Selena began to release songs like churros. She did it under the name Selena & The Scene (although we never found out who “The Scene” really was). Selena released three albums under this name. In addition, she left us great songs like A Year Without Rain (which she also covered in Spanish) or the mythical Love You Like a Love Song. Great song!

7. He became a social media star

With the rise of Instagram, it didn’t take long for Selena to become one of the most followed people on Instagram. The actress came to have the account with the most followers of the moment. She was surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo, but she is still in the top with 338 million fans and followers. Of course, there are seasons in which Selena prefers to leave Instagram to detoxify.

8. He managed to have the photo with the most likes of 2016

In 2016, Selena Gomez was the first artist to organically go viral in an advertisement. The photo of her drinking from a Coca Cola straw went around the world. The reason? It had become the image with the “most likes” in the history of Instagram.

9. Music hit

After leaving her time as Selena & The Scene behind, she was finally able to be herself and use her name to release her own music. And she did great! Selena Gomez has three hit-packed studio albums: Stars Dance, Revival and Rare. great songs like Hands To Myself, Kill Em With Kindness or Look At Her Now They are already part of pop history. But the best was yet to come.

10. His first number 1 on Billboard

Selena Gomez had to wait ten years to achieve the greatest milestone in the American music industry: to be number 1 on the Billboard list. It was in 2019 thanks to Lose You To Love Me, a song clearly dedicated to his breakup with Justin Bieber, when he managed to rise to the top 1. The song was released the same week that Justin announced his engagement to Hailey Baldwin. Impossible best timeline!

11. The other great musical successes of Selena Gomez

Although Lose You To Love Me was her first number 1 on Billboard, Selena has several great songs that exceed one billion views on platforms such as Spotify. We Don’t Talk Anymore, Wolves either It Ain’t Me are examples of it.

12. Triumphs singing in Spanish

But Selena is a girl of challenges and, after having succeeded singing in English, she wanted to conquer the charts in Spanish. She first did it with Ozuna, DJ Snake and Cardi B, joining the theme Taki Taki. It is true that there she sang a little in Spanish, but the seed was already planted. She took a liking to him and, after managing to have one of the songs of the year, she launched I Can’t Get Enough with Benny Blanco, j Balvin and Tainy. The latter had a great role in his next achievement.

13. Release an album in Spanish

And in 2021, Selena paid homage to her Mexican roots with her first EP entirely in Spanish: Revelation. Although he did not have the reach that she would have liked, he left us one of the best songs of that year: Dance with Me with Rauw Alejandro.

14. He has collaborated with a long list of stars

Musically, Selena Gomez has worked with a long list of stars. Blackpink, Charlie Puth, Tainy, Ozuna, J Balvin, Julia Michaels, Myke Towers, Kid Cudi, Marshmello, Tïesto or Kygo are just a few examples.

15. A benchmark of the importance of mental health

Selena Gomez has spoken about her problems with depression and anxiety in several of her interviews. In fact, the singer joined her friend Julia Michaels to sing the song Anxiety to talk about this disease.

16. Made lupus disease visible

Selena Gomez has had to deal with lupus for all these years. It is an autoimmune disease where your own immune system attacks your healthy cells and tissues by mistake. In fact, in 2017, she had to undergo a kidney transplant. Her friend Francia Raisa was the organ donor.

17. A cool squad

For many years, Selena Gomez belonged to the squad of coolest friends in Hollywood. Along with Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Martha Hunt, Hailee Steinfeld, Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, Lily Aldridge or Karlie Kloss, formed the most persecuted team of friends in Hollywood. Years later, Selena remains close friends with Taylor and Cara.

18. Victoria’s Secret Show Star Artist

In 2015, Selena Gomez was the protagonist of the famous Victoria’s Secret parade. The actress performed some of the songs on her Revival album. In addition, she wore an incredible black dress and was able to parade along with some of her friends such as Cara or Karlie Kloss.

19. Own productions: arrived for Thirteen Reasons

Selena Gomez wanted to go one step further in her career and decided to act as executive producer of those fictions in which she believed. In this way, at only 24 years old, she opted to carry out the series For Thirteen Reasons. The result? Quite a hit on Netflix. In addition, during the first two seasons she was involved in the entire promo, recording new versions of great songs like Only You, Back To You or Kill Em With Kindness.

20. Your own cooking show

Just when we thought we’d seen Selena Gomez in all her guises, she surprises us with her very own cooking show! During the confinement, Selena recorded the first season of Selena Chef where some of the most important chefs in the world taught her how to cook through a video call. Far from staying an anecdote, HBO decided to renew the program. In 2022 it has four seasons.

21.A Business Woman

Selena Gomez is a business woman and she is not afraid to take risks. She this same 2022 she has launched Wondermind: an informative media platform that will include a podcast to try to help people with mental health problems.

22. Ambassador of large firms

Not all stars can choose the firms with which they collaborate. Selena Gomez is one of those artists that brands love. Of course, she does not have to go cheap. Especially considering that she is one of the people with the most followers on social networks in the world. Selena has been collaborating hand in hand with Puma for years. The artist even has her own line of accessories.

23. Critically loved thanks to Only murders in the building

Although Selena Gomez has spent her entire life in front of the cameras, it has been thanks to the series Only Murders in the Building when the critics have noticed her. Ella’s character as Mabel de Ella has captivated viewers and viewers. In fact, on Rotten Tomatoes, the website specializing in film reviews, they have scored the series with 100% positive reviews. It’s about time the star got that recognition!

24. Selena Gomez has a LOS40 Music Awards

Of course, we have to sweep home and talk about the award for best international video clip that Selena Gomez won with Kygo for It Ain’t Me in 2017 at LOS40 Music Awards.

25. Two number 1s in LOS40

Selena Gomez has two number 1s in LOS40. The first was from the hand of Kygo by It Ain’t Me. A year later she would repeat from the top of the list with Marshmello and his Wolves.

26. Other prizes

Throughout her career, Selena Gomez has been nominated for several awards. Additionally, she has scooped accolades at the American Music Awards, Billboard Women in Music, MTV Video Music Awards, People Choice Awards, and iHeartRadio.

27. Her own makeup brand

Selena Gomez, like other stars, has her own makeup brand. She is called Rare Beauty and bets on light and natural colors.

28. And ice cream

In 2021, he also launched into the world of ice cream with Serendipty. It seems that her cooking show has made an impression on her.

29. A list of famous ex-boyfriends

No, this is not an achievement, but to understand the figure of Selena Gomez as a pop icon, you have to contextualize some of her relationships. And it is that the actress has dated some of the most famous artists of the moment. In addition to her long relationship with Justin Bieber, she has been dating Nick Jonas, Charlie Puth, and The Weeknd. Many say that the Canadian’s My Dear Melancholy album is dedicated to her.

30. It has become a pop icon

At 30 years old, Selena Gomez can already boast of being part of pop history. The actress and singer has starred in some of the most commented moments by the international pink press. She has also participated in some of the most watched movies and series. And, of course, she has a long list of hits behind her. Selena Gomez is, without a doubt, a pop icon. Long live this queen.

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Selena Gomez turns 30: 30 milestones of the former Disney girl who became pop culture