Shakira has many famous admirers, from Princess Charlotte to Beyoncé

Shakira has captivated her audiences around the world with her great talent for dancing and singing. Even her charisma and willingness to help those most in need have catapulted her as one of the celebrities who serves as an example and inspiration for other celebrities.

In 2010, when Selena just debuted in the world of music with her album ‘Kiss & Tell’, she confessed to the Spanish media EFE, during her promotional tour in Europe, that she admired Shakira so much and that is why she had made her an example to follow, continue.

The reason behind this decision was based on the fact that the Colombian is a very representative figure for the Latino community; since, despite no longer living in Colombia and sometimes singing in English, he continues to proudly project his roots.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been a fan of the Colombian since she was little and the one who made this fanaticism public was Kim Kardashian. Everything happened in 2020 during a live makeup session for Kylie’s social networks, there a fan asked Kim to share the funniest memory she kept of her little sister, so she answered without shame:

“Kylie loved to dance like Shakira. And I was surprised that she could move her stomach like Shakira did”

Even ‘Queen B’ is a fan of Shakira and this was proven in 2008; Well, in her thank you speech she was awarded her MTV Video Music Award in the category of Best Female Artist of the Year.

“I have to dedicate this award to all the wonderful female artists, especially the beautiful Shakira. I love you and thank you for inspiring me! “

The Venezuelan influencer is one of the singer’s biggest fans, so much so that in 2018 her 22nd birthday party was Shakira-themed. The guests not only listened to the successes of the Colombian, they also wore a shirt stamped with a montage in which Lele’s face was superimposed on the artist’s body.

It should be noted that this photographic arrangement was made on top of one of the iconic images that Shakira was taken during her presentation at the 2000 Latin Grammys.

The interpreter of ‘I kiss a girl’ could not help but ‘go crazy’ when she ran into Shakira on the red carpet of the MTV EMAs in 2009. Katy even let out a shout of excitement when she saw her and when they were close she could only tell her that ” She looked beautiful ”, because she had to flee because the nerves of knowing her betrayed her.

Prince William revealed in an interview for the Apple Fitness podcast ‘Time to walk’ that his daughter is a big fan of the Colombian singer. What’s more, he even mentioned that ‘Waka Waka’ is one of the ‘hits’ that the princess listens to the most in the company of her brothers.

“Charlotte, in particular, runs around the kitchen with her dresses and her ballet things. She goes completely crazy and Louis keeps trying to do the same as her. It is a very happy moment in which the children simply enjoy dancing, playing and singing ”.

Best of all, the podcast reached Shakira’s ears and she herself was in charge of thanking via Twitter that she had a royal fan.

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Shakira has many famous admirers, from Princess Charlotte to Beyoncé