Shakira’s former employee assured that the singer is “bossy” and revealed that “nobody wants to record with her”

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Shakira She is one of the Colombian singers with the longest career in the music industry, to the point that she is considered an international star. And although her personal life is of great interest to those who follow her, there are few scandals and controversies that she usually stars in.

Nevertheless, the name of the barranquillera has been the subject of discussion in recent dayson account of a series of statements that Cristina Cardenasone of her former employees, made about her in a media outlet in Spain.

According to what was stated by the woman, who was in charge of coordinating the extras for some of the artist’s music videos, ‘Shaki’ is not as humble and good person as he wanted to make it look. She even dared to say that her bad attitudes with some of her collaborators have made them feel a certain annoyance and no one wants to go record with her anymore.

“You can’t look Shakira in the eye, you can’t take photos of her, you can’t talk to her, you can’t talk to her, it’s forbidden. She’s bossy! A Shakira spot, which could last four hours due to the shots, ends up taking about 17″, assured Cárdenas.

But the thing does not stop there, because her revelations caused greater surprise when she affirmed that the interpreter “despairs the directors, the producer and everyone. And if there is a woman who stands out more than her, he throws her out of the shoot, that’s why it’s impossible to work by her side, no one wants to go shoot with her. The figuration is bitten by disgust and the team is desperate.

These statements have generated a rather tense situation in Spain, where Shakira resides with her husband Gerard Piqué, as it has made her followers rethink the affection and opinion they have of her. In addition, in social networks the reactions did not wait.

“How sad, I did not know that he was such a bad person”, “What does someone think so that another cannot look him in the eye?”, “Fame does a lot of damage, definitely”, “this is not a surprise, always It has been unbearable and if not let the journalists who have interviewed her say so” and “it reminds me of the case of Luis Miguel”; were some of the comments she received.

According to the most recent ranking of Celebrity Net Worth, the Colombian is one of the Latin singers, along with Jennifer López, who have the most money in the music industry. The Waka Waka singer landed at number 25 on the world list, with a capital of 300 million dollars; while JLO ranked 13, with a fortune of 400 million dollars.

In this same list appears Rihanna who is ranked as the richest singer in the world because her fortune of 1.7 billion dollars, exceeds the heritage of important artists such as Madonna who has the third place in the ranking.

It is key to mention that in the case of the Colombian, her fortune is due to years of work in the music industry, not only as a performer but as a composer and producer. In fact, as the FM recalled, La Barranquillera has sold more than 125 million albums and singles worldwide.

Similarly, as documented by Celebrity Net Worth, she is considered one of the most successful Latin artists, as she has won several awards for her work, including three Grammy Awards, thirteen Latin Grammy Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, thirty-nine Billboard Latin Music Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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Shakira’s former employee assured that the singer is “bossy” and revealed that “nobody wants to record with her”