Shakira’s song against Piqué and other famous shooters

“Women no longer cry, women bill”says the new Shakira song produced by Gonzalo Julián Conde, known worldwide as Bizarrap. And it is that this young man of only 24 years reached the musical peak with his mixes and compositions that attract world-class artists such as the Colombian, who has recently separated from the former Barcelona soccer player in Spain: Gerard Piqué.

with synthesizers, Bizarrap and Shakira searched for a sound linked to the decade of the 80s and a variation of tempos that go from four fours to six eighths in seconds.demonstrating that the Barranquillera also knows how to improvise on the fly.

The launch of this session, with the classic blue tone in its videos and the singers in front of the microphone in a closed frame, has become a viral success that people have classified as the shooting of 2023, where he tells Piqué: “A wolf like me is not for beginners” and in the background part of the melody of his song she wolf.

What are the shooters?

These fights, without a doubt, are supremely juicy for the press and, intentionally or not, make noise for those involved. This is not new. It has happened on many occasions in the world hip hopreggaeton and even pop.

The diss tracks became popular in the hip hop from the 90’s A more or less literal translation would be something like: insult song. However, in the world of urban music in Spanish, these songs that are intended to verbally attack opponents are known as ‘tiraderas’.

Santiago Cembranoauthor of books The time of rap here Y Rappa Rulesexplains to diners that he hip hop It was born as a ritualization of violence in “fucked up” contexts like the Bronx (New York) in the 70s. There were fights between gangs that cost lives and this music was a way to face each other without the need for violence”.

He also explains that it is an almost sporting practice: “In basketball or soccer, you have to defeat your opponent no matter what and leave him on the ground. Metaphorically, of course. In it hip hop the idea is to insult, humiliate, destroy the other, take away their credibility. That lends itself to chaos.”

There is for a while

“The shootings will never end, I think. If it comes from the Spanish Golden Age, when Góngora and Quevedo fought with sonnets, I don’t think it will change now. If words are his tools, he uses them to attack and defend himself”, concludes Cembrano.

There are no examples only in the world of hip hop. It has also happened in rock and in the popgenerally. And in reggaeton, of course, where there are several famous cases involving singers like Arcangel, Daddy Yankee, Tempo and now J Balvin.


Right now there is a fight between the Puerto Rican reggaeton singers Rauw Alejandro and Jhey Cortez. And the list in this genre is long. So, for now, we put five historical examples of dumps.

1. Lennon vs. McCartney

They were, according to many, the two beatles more important. They changed popular music together and traveled the globe playing and singing alongside George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

However, their rivalry was revealed in many ways when the band broke up. In 1971 Paul McCartney released Too Many People, a song with hints towards John Lennon. And Lennon responded with How Do You Sleep? Same year.

This is an iconic example because it happened with two great figures of culture pop who also belonged to the same group, one of the most influential of the 20th century. With The Beatles, who somehow ushered in global music consumption, the diss tracks.

2. Tupac Shakur vs. Notorious BIG

In it hip hop there has always been a constant bid between the west coast and the east coast of the United States.

Dr. Dre and the Wu-Tang Clan are a good example of that rivalry between both coasts. However, the greatest sample of this tough competition was embodied by 2Pac (Tupac Shakur) and Biggie (Notorious BIG), two of the greatest legends of the gender in English from the 1990s.

It was a misunderstanding: 2Pac seemed to understand that the song Who Shot Ya? (1995), by Biggie, was directed at him and he responded with all his artillery in several songs. The most notable was Hit ‘Em Upwhich came out the following year.

3. Jay-Z vs. nas

Another of the most famous shootings, already around the 2000s, was when the famous rapper Jay-Z threw punches at Nas in takeover. In that song, which is considered by some to be the diss largest in history Jay-Z also mentions other rappers: some in a good way and some not.

Nas replied with etheranother classic in this subgenre of hip hop. His first verse is “Fuck Jay-Z”, and he doesn’t stop from then on. She insults him in so many ways.

4. Pusha vs. Drake

Around the same time, a battle began that featured nothing more and nothing less than Drake. His fight with the American Pusha T was very famous because it meant that someone with the fame of the Canadian got into that plan.

The dispute began in the early 2000s, but since 2013 it has not stopped and includes intimate revelations, political comparisons, racial issues, and legal charges. From then until just a few months ago, the feud raged with various part-and-part response songs.

5. Taylor Swift vs. Kanye

To give another example that goes beyond the hip hopLet’s talk about the rivalry between singer Taylor Swift and rapper Kanye West. It all started when Kanye rudely interrupted Swift in her speech when she received the award for best female video at the MTV Video Music 2009.

He got on stage, took the microphone from her, and said that Beyoncé had done a better job. The following year she apologized, but the singer sang a hint of her in her song. innocent. Everything calmed down for a while, but in 2016 West dedicated a degrading and misogynistic verse to him in the song Famous.

After this, other tiraderas have been read in songs, videos and statements. In 2020, the tension also took on a political hue and has not yet been fully resolved.

6. Resident vs. J Balvin

The song BZRP Music Sessions #49which was released by the Puerto Rican rapper Residente with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, shoots directly at the Colombian J Balvin.

In his verses, Resident calls Balvin a racist, insults him, accuses him of not having talent, of not writing his own songs, of being a liar and even messes with his dad.

But what did the Colombian do to the Puerto Rican to make him so angry with him? It all started when in September 2021 J Balvin encouraged reggaeton fans to boycott the Latin Grammys through his Twitter because, according to him, they had received very few nominations.

Residente was annoyed by the claim and recorded a video complaining and comparing Balvin’s music with hot dogs: industrial and cheap.

The paisa responded by launching a clothing line with hot dogs, but he did not say much more and only later spoke of the episode in interviews. and said that he considered the rapper as a friend, and that, although they might not be again, they could reconcile.

Months passed, the matter seemed forgotten, but then Residente took advantage of his session with the viral Argentine producer Bizarrap to dispatch himself against the man from Antioquia.

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Shakira’s song against Piqué and other famous shooters