Songs of celebrities with which they “revenged” on their exes

Singers are not exempt from suffering from problems of heartbreak, infidelity or “monotony”. But his advantage is to transform his pain into incredible songs

“The muses used to annihilate those they inspired,” says a famous phrase by the American writer Katherine Neville, included in her novel “The Eight” (1988). A perception of inspiration that hunts perfectly with the reason that has led renowned singers to write, for the most part, heartbreaking songs of heartbreak.

And although the melodies are the product of a broken heart, it is not the only thing that has been “broken”. Well, in the musical city, these kinds of songs break more records than a sweet love song.

Proof of this is the most recent production by Colombian singer Shakira. The hit that she is called “Monotonía” and that she sings in collaboration with reggaeton singer Ozuna has broken several records, including being the biggest debut in Spanish so far this year.

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“Broken heart”

Apart from “monetizing” pain with a song, there is a real and painful story. It is a heartbreak song, indirectly dedicated to the father of her two children with whom she spent 12 years, where she says precisely what the Colombian had already published on her social networks: “It was not your fault, nor was it mine, it was the fault of the monotony “.

In the clip, the woman from Barranquilla appears crying in a store and, after being attacked with a bazooka, she has a hole in her chest. Her heart is then seen to fall to the ground and a man tramples on it.

In the video you can also see a man very similar to Piqué. Although his face is not seen, his countenance is identical to that of the Barcelona footballer. But without a doubt the detail that supports this theory the most is that he comes out wearing outfits that the real Gerard used when he recorded the video for “I fell in love”, a song that Shak composed for him.

Prior to the hit “Monotonía”, the Colombian had already released the song “Te congratulations” that she released together with the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro. In such a way that the new bachata is the second single from her new project, which since she released “El dorado” in 2017 she had not produced any studio album.

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Like Shakira, other great icons of pop culture decided to channel their pain into a song. The most mediatic ruptures of recent times have been carried out by Miley Cyrus, Adele, Selena Gómez, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake.

Miley Cyrus and “Wrecking Ball”

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth always had an on-and-off relationship. After her first breakup in 2013, Miley surprised with the song “Wrecking ball”. The hit highlights that she tried to break down the walls that her partner put up, but in the end she admits that it hurt her more. The single sold more than 85 thousand copies in less than two days; and over time about 6 million copies. In addition, the clip swept awards such as Billboard and MTV Europe. Despite her problems, she reconciled with the Australian actor and in 2018 they got married, unfortunately a year later they filed for divorce.

Selena Gomez and “Lose you to love me”

The break between Selena Gómez and Justin Bieber is undoubtedly the one that has marked pop culture the most. For they were transformed before the eyes of the world, from children to adults. With this they exposed the stormy relationship they had for around 10 years. It was not until Justin got married, in 2019, that the song “Lose you to love me” came out. “I saw the signs and I ignored them,” she says in the song. The hit was listed as one of the best songs of 2019 by Vulture and Billboard. With the theme he managed to be for the first time in the top 1 of the Billboard list.

Adele and “Easy on me”

Adele’s divorce from Simon Konecki revealed a very dark stage in her life. Which she captured on the album called “30” and marked her return to the stage in 2011. The album “is about self-destruction and self-reflection,” Adele explained. The album sold more than 200 thousand copies the week of its release. In that same week “Easy on me” was the most purchased on the web, achieving 23,500 sales and reaching 24 million views in England alone. Adele confessed that the song and the album were also for her son. “I felt like I wanted to explain everything to him through this record.”

Katy Perry and “Wide Awake”

Katy Perry divorced comedian Russell Brand two years after their marriage. In addition to recording her pain in a documentary, the singer herself wrote the hit “Wide awake”. The song was nominated for Best Breakup Song at the Teen Choice Awards. VH1 named it the song of the summer of 2012 and it reached second place on the Billboard chart. The song talks about the devastation of a love breakup and how to get over it. Perry managed to make a video just as powerful as her lyrics, so in 2012 it was recognized as the best video at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Justin Timberlake and “Cry me a river”

Justin Timberlake was heartbroken after his breakup with Britney Spears. They were considered pop royalty. In 2002, Justin released “Cry me a river,” a track that fans linked to speculation that he had been the victim of Britney’s infidelity. The hit is about the pain that someone suffers when discovering a betrayal, so it suggests that the unfaithful deserves to go through the same pain. The theme reached the third position on the Billboard, Pop Songs and Radio Songs charts; and was the biggest debut of the week with 29.6 million views.

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Songs of celebrities with which they “revenged” on their exes