Spotify gives Bad Bunny a millionaire ring

  • The singer is the first non-English speaking performer to win Artist of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Since 2019, the interpreter has accumulated 282 award nominations, of which he has achieved 130.

  • His tour “The Last World Tour” has grossed more than 120 million US dollars.

A few days before the end of this year, the music industry continues to grow around the world, especially with the appearance of streaming platforms such as Spotify. This Wednesday the digital platform Spotify awarded Bad Bunny with a luxurious ring engraved with the emblematic heart of ‘A summer without you’.

The music streaming market today is dominated by Spotify, a site that recently announced that managed to exceed 450 million subscribers globally, figure apparently unattainable for the competition, be it Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, among others.

It is true that Spotify is the leading platform, in fact streaming has established itself in the main consumption habits of people, which is why, more and more, we hear and read about the relevance of platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, among many others, all derived from the boom that digitization has experienced for years.

Spotify and Bad Bunny

It is no secret to anyone that once again this year the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer is considered one of the most complete artists of these times, after positioning itself in the minds of people around the world.

With this there are already three rings with which the platform rewards the singer, let’s remember that in 2018 he did itor by ‘Bad Bunny X 100PRE’ and in 2021 with a reference to number 100.

The music platform published its most listened to singer-songwriters and podcasters at the beginning of December, revealing that the Puerto Rican It is the leader with more than 18 thousand 300 million reproductions.

The 28-year-old artist’s success is due to his album ‘A summer without you’, in which he has songs like ‘I behave pretty’, ‘Ojitos lindos’ and ‘Tití me pregunta’, one of the most listened to songs of the production with more than 545 million views on YouTube.

With that success, the artist managed to far surpass Tylor Swift, BTS, Drake and The Weekend, who all failed to break 100 million listeners.

Given that, the social network gave the singer a luxurious ring engraved with the insignia heart of ‘A summer without you’, with this new jewel, There would already be three rings with which the platform rewards the singer, since in 2018 he did it for ‘Bad Bunny – X 100PRE’ and in 2021 with a reference to number 100.

It was learned that the jewels were delivered after Benito finished his last concert of the year in Mexico, where Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s global director of music content, gave him the valuable detail.

And this is how the music industry continues to recover its levels after the Covid-19 pandemic, since these last two years had great repercussions throughout the world and sectors.

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Spotify gives Bad Bunny a millionaire ring