Tanu Muino: The Ukrainian Filmmaker Behind Harry Styles’ “As It Was”

Lil Nas Xwho decided to work with Tanu Muino after seeing his great work in the “Up” music video of Cardi-B, says it’s a great balance between playful fun and serious craft. “I knew from the time we spoke that she was going to bring my vision to life,” she says via email, “the experience at set It was crazy, because at the beginning there was a Covid scare, so he couldn’t come to the set. But he knew that everything was going to work out, and he did everything 100%, especially thanks to his persistence and his incredible guidance to everyone else on set.”

Tanu Muino he’s this generation’s Mark Romanek,” says Frank Borin, referring to the maker of seminal ’90s music videos such as Michael and Janet Jackson’s “Scream” and Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” “Each frame is an iconic image piece.”

There was a time when the Instagram feed of Tanu Muino it was a succession of screenshots of her hit music videos, from Normani’s “Wild Side” to Rosalía’s “Juro Que”. In the weeks since the invasion, he has used his platform to draw attention to the reality of the chaos in Ukraine. “To all my friends abroad,” he wrote on February 25, “Things are worse than expected.” what can you imagine.”

A few weeks before the 64th edition of the Grammy Awards and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tanu Muino talked with GQ about its growth Ukrainethe country’s creative community and their meteoric rise to the top of pop.

How would you describe the Ukrainian creative industry?

I think that Ukraine, in the last 10 years, has become super independent. If you want to start something, like a business, it’s very easy. In Europe, in America, it is very difficult to start, but there it is very simple. Everyone supports you, and you can ask questions here and there. To the people there, not just your friends, you can say, “Can you do this for me?” and they really will. So it’s very easy to start anything you want; they support you, and there is a kind of freedom. In Europe, in America, it is very expensive to film. When I started doing it Ukraineit was cheaper, and you could do very good things with lower budgets.

Where you grew up?

I was born on Ukraine, but when I was six months old we moved to Cuba and I was there until I was seven years old. I think that community is also very similar. Cuba is super free; everyone opens doors for you. If a child is crying in the street, everyone looks at him. A child can focus his attention on anything and no one will stop him; no “you can’t do this or that”, just do it, know? So it was also very important. After Cuba, I grew up near Odessa (Ukraine), which is where I also went to college. It is the best place in the world.

Do you still live in Odessa now?

Yes, and that is the goal. Everybody says, “Go to Los Angeles.” No no no no. I want—and I will—to go back to Odessa.

How would you describe Odessa?

It’s close to the sea, so lots of boats come and go, and it’s a mix of different cultures. People are very funny and sarcastic, that’s what I like the most. For anything, you can come and joke about it. It is a very nice atmosphere. You have all the seasons, you have the sea, you have great food, the people too… it’s amazing, and it’s not expensive to live. It’s an incredible place.

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Tanu Muino: The Ukrainian Filmmaker Behind Harry Styles’ “As It Was”