Taylor Swift makes her mark on history with ‘Midnights’

Taylor Swift is a ‘junkie’ to records: at age 14 she became the youngest artist signed by the Sony label. Y Our Songsingle from their debut album, Taylor Swift (2006), made her the youngest solo artist to write and perform a number one song on the Hot Country Songs chart.

In these last eight days, he has left no doubt that he wants to be at the top: Midnightstheir tenth album, rocked the platform of streaming Spotify, being the most listened to in a single day, hit that was until that moment in the head of Bad Bunny with a summer without you.

In less than 24 hours, both the title of the new release and the name of Taylor Swift were among the most mentioned topics on social networks, where a heated debate was generated around the songs, their meanings, what they are directed to and , most importantly, is it good?

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the launch of Midnights crossed the music platforms: Swift’s official website collapsed due to the intense traffic it presented after its first social media posts about the new album. In addition, the album cover became a trend on the Internet, it was copied, parodied and imitated by millions of users, official accounts of important brands and stars of the entertainment world.

It is a mixture of intensity and height. Life can be dark, bright, grey, scary, electric, hot, cold, romantic or lonely.

“I think of Midnights as a concept work. It is a mixture of intensity and height. Life can be dark, bright, grey, scary, electrifying, warm, cold, romantic or lonely.”

Throughout her 18-year career, the Pennsylvania singer-songwriter has proven that if there’s one thing she’s not, it’s being predictable. No album is like the previous one—perhaps love-related themes connect them—and every time she fits into a musical genre, she releases a new work that completely contradicts it.

Artist and businesswoman

This album represents the essence of what Swift is and has been, for whom everything extra-musical also plays a very important role. Singer, songwriter, actress, producer, director and businesswoman, The artist was born under the name of Taylor Alison Swift, in Reading (Pennsylvania), on December 13, 1989. Nashville was her second home from the age of 14, where she began a brilliant career that catapulted her to the rank of celebritiesafter successful albums like Fearless (2008), Speak Now (2010), Net (2012), 1989 (2014) and Reputation (2017).

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With Fearless She got a new record that she kept until 2020: the youngest singer to be a Grammy winner for album of the year. Fearless It is also the most awarded album in the history of country music.

1989 It is Swift’s most successful album, with more than 10 million sales and all her singles in the top 10. The album won three Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, and made Swift the first female artist to receive the award twice in this category.

Swift is known for her great storytelling and lyrics that speak to her personal experiences. She has received recognition from the Nashville Songwriters Association and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. She has won eleven Grammy Awards, one Emmy, 25 Billboard Music Awards, 30 American Music Awards, one Brit Award, six MTV Video Music Awards, eleven Country Music Association Awards, as well as two Golden Globe nominations.

In all his years of artistic career She has sold more than 50 million albums and 150 million digital downloads of her singles, making her one of the world’s best-selling recording artists.

But his rise to celebrity Olympus has also come at a price. Swift’s personal life is the subject of extensive media attention.

He is one of the personalities with the most followers on networks: some 225 million followers on Instagram, 92 million on Twitter and 47.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Therefore, any step he takes is closely followed by the media and fans. Her romances have been many and very mediatic, starting with her relationship with the singer Joe Jonas and then with the actor Taylor Lautner (one of the protagonists of the saga twilight). She dated musician John Mayer until 2010 and after her breakup with the latter she had a relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal until December 2010.

The politician Conor Kennedy was also part of his conquests, as well as the British interpreter Harry Styles, with whom he dated until 2013. He was a couple of the famous DJ Calvin Harris for more than a year, a relationship that was cut in March 2016. Then he was related with actor Tom Hiddleston and Since September 2016, she has been in a relationship with actor and model Joe Alwyn.

Singers Joe Jonas, John Mayer and Harry Styles have written songs about their relationship with Swift. The artist has also mentioned them in her compositions.

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sex symbol

Swift is highlighted by the media as a sex symbol, something to which she does not give much importance. She has even refused to participate in openly sexualized photo shoots.

The medium to which she feels very close is fashion, and she is a friend of top models like Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. fashionwhich rates Swift as one of the world’s most influential figures in sustainable fashion, recognized her as a fashion icon and named her an American style icon in 2011.

Topped the 2014 annual list of the best dressed people in People and the Elle Style Awards named her Woman of the Year in 2015.

Her impact on the world of music, her great commercial success and her media influence were the determining factors for her to be named “Woman of the Decade” by the magazine in 2019. Billboardand at the American Music Awards she was honored as the “Artist of the Decade”.

His relationship with American politics has been very active, despite the fact that in a 2012 interview he stated that, although he remains an educated and informed person, he prefers not to talk about politics because, being a public figure, he could influence other people.

In 2010, she managed to get former President George W. Bush to be in a television special made by herself. And with former first lady Michelle Obama, she has done important charitable work. Of her, Michelle Obama has said: “she has shot to the top of the music industry, but still keeps her feet on the ground, someone who has broken all expectations of what a young woman can achieve.” Swift is also very close to the Kennedy family and has expressed her admiration for Ethel Kennedy.

Perhaps because of the intense life he has led, Swift described it like this Midnights: “A journey through the terrors and placid dreams, the floors we walk on and the demons we face. We’ve been tossing and turning and decided to keep the lights on and go in search of something, hoping that maybe, just maybe, when the clock chimes…we’ll find ourselves on other things.”


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Taylor Swift makes her mark on history with ‘Midnights’