Taylor Swift speaks for the first time about the red scarf of ‘All too well’, does it symbolize her virginity?

When Taylor Swift released his album Red Taylor’s version with the purpose of reclaim the rights to your music, the alleged main theme of this album was reopened: the relationship that the artist had with the actor Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010.

In this new work was the extended version of the song all too well, of 10 minutes. In addition, the artist accompanied him with a video clip directed by herself and starring Sadie Sink, who played a young Taylor; while Dylan O’Briensomewhat older than his co-star, seemed to bring to life a supposed Gyllehaal that made him suffer.

This song contains verses as significant as “I left my scarf at your sister’s house and you still have it in your drawer”. And then “but you kept my old scarf from that first weekbecause it reminds you of innocence and smells like me“.

Ever since they first heard it, many of Taylor’s fans have thought that this scarf—which she wore while they were together and which Jake later wore—could be a metaphor of something much more intimate: Tylor Swift’s virginity.

Taylor Swift speaks, somewhat uncomfortable, about the famous red scarf

Taylor Swift has gone to the FToronto International Film Festival, where he joined his CEO, Cameron Baileyfor a screening of the short film and give a talk on how it was made.

How could it be otherwise, one of the questions they asked Taylor was about the symbolism of the famous scarf. “The scarf is a metaphorEhmm… And we put it red because red is a very important color in this albumthat it’s called Net“, he began explaining.

After some awkward laughs, Taylor continued, “Um… And I think when I say it’s a metaphor, I’m just going to stop… And I’m going to give thanks for the awesome question to whoever asked it, it really took us for a ride with that one, thanks.”

This confirmation that the scarf is actually a metaphor for something that happened has made her fans even more certain that it symbolizes the virginity Taylor might have lost to Gyllenhaal.

What happened between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal?

The couple started dating in october 2010 and, although they were only together for three months -they separated a few days before New Year’s Eve-, that relationship went a long way: the very Taylor dedicated an entire album of songs to him to the interpreter of Donnie Darkothe well-known Net.

The rumors began when both were seen on the famous TV show Saturday night Live next to the actress Emma Stone, host of the show that night. At that time, Taylor Swift was 20 and Jake Gyllenhaal was 29.a great age difference for the time, something that the singer has not stopped reviewing in the lyrics of her songs: “I will grow old, but your lovers will continue to be my age.”

Since then, the couple began to be seen at events and restaurants, increasing rumors that there was more than just a beautiful friendship between the two. The almost official confirmation came in December of that same year, when Taylor and Jake’s sister, Maggie GyllenhaalThey were seen walking down the street, which showed that both had a very formal relationship and in which they had already included their own families.

However the taylor’s birthday It was a turning point for the couple, because Jake didn’t show up for “work”, something that the singer did not like very much and spent the night locked in the bathroom crying. To apologize for her absence, the actor gave her a $11,000 guitar Signed by Chet Atkins and one diamond braceletIt’s $100,000.

Even so, this absence only increased the rumors that the relationship between the two had stalled. The break confirmationmeanwhile, came a little later and, shortly after, the singer began to write Netan album absolutely dedicated to his ex-partner.

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Taylor Swift speaks for the first time about the red scarf of ‘All too well’, does it symbolize her virginity?