Taylor Swift wears double outlined with ‘rhinestones’, the trend that will sweep this Christmas

    On the night of August 29, the MTV Video Music Awards, at the Prudential Theater in Newark (New Jersey, United States). The theater was filled with music and artists to honor the most outstanding personalities of the year and among them two great winners stood out: Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. And this last one did not only do it in the musical field-she took the most important prize of the night for the video clip of her song All too well-but on his arrival he dazzled with his festive look.

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    The singer appeared on the red carpet with a spectacular dress with transparencies covered in silver rhinestones, signed by Oscar de la Renta. And to build an excessive-looking style, she added silver sandals, matching earrings and a detail beauty that as soon as you know you will want to copy.

    The interpreter of lover bet on a beauty look forceful in which part of the prominence was taken by intense red lips, the trend beauty that lasts over time. But these were accompanied by a very special detail. To follow the trail of glitter that shone in her styling, the artist made up her eyes with a very special double eyeliner, based on silver rhinestones. She began by tracing her characteristic eyeliner winged black and illuminating the tear duct with a white shadow with a lot of light. After this she built a second line based on pieces of rhinestones of different sizes, some drop-shaped and others circular. To top it off, he added a few of these pieces on top of the black line, at the outer end of it.

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    The rest of the makeup was kept very neutral, highlighting a matte-looking skin, while retaining a touch of freshness. He did not define the contour of the face or apply rouge, giving a lightness to the face that contrasted with the rest of the elements of the face. To finish, she drew even more attention to her gaze by applying dense false eyelashes. As for her hairstyle, the artist chose to collect her blonde hair in a low bun, giving her hair a natural finish and not too polished. In the frontal area, she parted the strands, creating a curtain bang, one of the 15 bangs that will be a trend in 2022.

    How do you put stones in your eyes?

    The biggest complication in recreating this makeup is the application of the shiny stones. To do so you will need hypoallergenic adhesive, since we cannot forget that we are working on the skin and if we do not take care of the product we use, allergic reactions can occur. Although there are specific products, glue for false eyelashes can also be used.

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    Apply a small amount on the area, let dry and with small tweezers take the first crystal and place it. If you are going to create a very complex design, before you get down to work with it you can sketch it lightly with a pencil white-eyed, to know where to put each piece. If this type of outline does not convince you here you have 5 eyeliners seen in Paris that change your makeup.

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Taylor Swift wears double outlined with ‘rhinestones’, the trend that will sweep this Christmas