The curious case of Johnny Depp: why do we forgive all his sins?

    It was without a doubt the most lurid and controversial trial that the Hollywood hills had seen in years. Abuses, drugs, coercion, fights and violence came to light as part of the terrible Molotov cocktail that made the marriage formed by Johnny Depp and Amber Heard jump into the air. A legal battle that was broadcast live (the Daily Mail connected the signal and placed on its cover the streaming as if it were a sporting event) and that will surely serve to shape a miniseries or movie within a few years. At the time

    Regardless of the verdict delivered at the end of last May, what is important about this trial, and what is really curious (not to say fascinating), is that neither the fame nor the reputation of Johnny Depp has been affected in any way. The proof of this is found in the last delivery ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards held on August 29.

    The awards ceremony began with a video showing the actor characterized as the moon walk that shapes the awards, launching the following message: “I just want you to know that I am available for birthdays, bat mitzvahweddings, wakes, anything they need”.

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    An apparition that Amber Heard’s sisterWhitney, denounced on social networks: “MTV, this is disgusting and clearly a desperate act. I really hope that none of the people who decided this action have daughters… #DVMAS #ISTANDWITHAMBERHEARD.”

    Message from Amber Heard’s sister on Instagram.


    However, the reaction of the audience and, above all, of many celebrities who commented on the joint publication of MTV and Johnny Depp on Instagram, was totally the opposite. “Legend” or “glad to see you back”, were some of the most repeated comments in a post that has already accumulated more than a million likes. Not to mention the nearly 28 million followers of which Johnny can boast in his profile.

    Why do we forgive Johnny Depp and his reputation is still intact?

    As if it were the perfect storm, there are several reasons that have led the actor not to pay the highest price for a scandalous marital life. The first of them is that Johnny represents the already obsolete bad boy of Hollywood. The actor is living history of a time when living a life full of excesses was not only allowed and accepted, but it elevated you to the status of legend (don’t miss these photos of celebrities partying in the 90s). Wow, the most repeated qualifier in the comments about his appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. Chance? No way.

    Depp delighted the industry with his disheveled appearance, his cigarette, his rings, necklaces and his look of a scared child who does not want to grow up because life, not even in Hollywood, seems exciting enough to him. Hence the excesses with drugs and alcohol.

    johnny depp at a premiere in 1992

    Johnny Depp at a premiere in 1992.

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    Behind the, neither Robert Pattinson, nor Harry Styles, nor any other would-be rebel with a cause have been able (and certainly willed) to follow in the footsteps of Johnny.. Rebel is born, not made.

    The second reason is that Johnny is, especially in the United States of America, the quintessential antihero. This figure lives according to his own moral compass, striving to define and build his own values ​​as opposed to those recognized by the society in which he lives. Does it ring a bell? Exact. Depp has never lived (nor did he want to) a normative life. He rose to fame as a shy young man tormented by a childhood in which “if I did something wrong, they beat me, if not, too.” Excuse for his subsequent behavior? No, but if anything can be said about Johnny it is that he’s always been honest about who he was. And the audience accepted it with open arms.

    There were several managers with whom he stopped working because “they wanted to change me.” Third reason why Johnny will never overpay for his sins: he is like that. That is to say, Johnny has never sold the image of a man without problems, without addictions, without demons to get rid of, without disastrous sentimental relationships… He is not the perfect father, nor the model husband. But since he never was, why should we punish him for being himself in his last failed marriage?

    johnny depp wife vanessa paradis take their two children for a picnic

    Along with Vanessa Paradis and their two children in 2002.

    Anthony JonesGetty Images

    It may sound convoluted, but cancellation culture has a basic principle which is repeated in all cases: sand punishes lies and deceit. Armie Hammer or Kevin Spacey know it well. Johnny has never said (or tried) to be who he is not.

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The curious case of Johnny Depp: why do we forgive all his sins?